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About Our GF Oats

GK Gluten Free Foods introduced Gloriously Free Oats into Australia in 2009. Since then customers in Australia have been eager to source uncontaminated oats. It is important to note that here in Australia, a product that contains oats cannot claim to be ‘gluten-free’ due to current food labelling laws. Mainstream oats are predominately contaminated at the farm level where growers also process gluten containing crops such as wheat, rye, spelt or barley. We test each batch the is imported and display these results on our Compliance page.  

Gloriously Free Oats are uniquely grown and processed in uncontaminated organic facilities, both in the USA and Australia, to ensure they maintain their purity. They are sourced from GF Harvest in the USA, grown and processed by a family who understands purity protocol from planting to packaging.


What makes GF Oats an Oats you can trust?

  • Gloriously Free Oats are not contaminated by the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley, unlike mainstream oats
  • Uniquely grown and sourced in dedicated fields in Wyoming sourced from GF Harvest.
  • The growers maintain their own certified planting seed and personally contract farmers who have not grown any wheat, rye or barley on their land for the last 2 years
  • Each field is walked 3 times prior to harvest to ensure there are no gluten plants growing in the oats that may cause contamination to the crop
  • Each batch is tested on the property and samples are also sent to the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Research Centre to test for contamination from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.
  • Each batch is tested on arrival to Australia and results and batch numbers are displayed on our Compliance Page.
  • GF Oats are the only oats imported in bulk and packaged into Australian compliant packaging.  These oats can be labelled “Low Gluten”, however current labelling laws restrict the claim of “Gluten Free” unlike other parts of the world where it is well known.
  • Registered Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free in the US, Canada and the UK.

*Gloriously Free Rolled Oats are now available in both Traditional and Certified Organic varieties in your local Health Food and IGA store.  Visit our Store Locator. 

Alternatively, you can visit our online store, we provide prompt safe affordable delivery to all States in Australia.



Traditional GF Oats

Enables those with special dietary requirements to introduce a pure Uncontaminated Freshly Steamed and Rolled Old Fashioned Oats in your diet.

Certified Organic GF Oats

Are Certified both here in Australia and the US and packed in a certified organic facility to give you a pure uncontaminated rolled oat that is once again freshly steamed and rolled.

These oats are processed in exclusive uncontaminated organic facilities and packaged here in Australia.

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