About Us!

GK Gluten Free Foods supply premium quality foods to people who follow specific dietary protocols. We manufacture and supply our product in an array of flavours and sizes to suit every table. 

Our signature range, GF Oats, is presently sourced from International growers until our Australian farmers can supply commercial quantities. These are the only oats in Australia that are tested, certified and guaranteed to meet the strict Australian standards with regards to nil gluten detected.  Current labelling laws continue to prevent us from labelling them gluten-free oats for the moment.

Our delicious GF Oats are certified as gluten-free in most countries in the world and we are members of the Global Oats Purity Protocol.All our Oats are tested independently, right here in Australia, and all our test results can be viewed on our  compliance page.

You can rest assured that our Oats truly are free of the contamination from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. That’s why are proud to call our product “The Oats You Can Trust!”

We invite you to find more about us and where we source our oats, shop online, or contact our team for further assistance. We provide prompt, safe, affordable delivery to all states in Australia!

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