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How to add More Oats To Your Diet

Oats are an amazing food that has so many super health benefits. So, adding oats to your diet is to us here at GF Oats a ‘no-brainer’ but we realise it may seem a bit of a daunting task at times. Especially if you are not a big fan of having porridge for breakfast. However, there are plenty of ways that you can add oats to your diet and across many different meals without having to live on just porridge. Adding oats is not only simple, but it can be exciting trying new foods and flavours and it can open you up to a range of different ideas for your cooking and meal planning.

When it comes to oats, the first thing people think of is porridge and breakfast. Oats for breakfast is a great idea as it helps to provide you with energy to sustain your body throughout the day, but don’t limit yourself to just porridge.

Here are some super breakfast ideas to create with oats include:

Overnight Oats –

Mix oats, yogurt and cinnamon in a jar and leave in the fridge overnight. By morning the oats will be nice and soft and ready for a quick on the go breakfast.

Smoothies –

Breakfast smoothies are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! You can get a large amount of your recommended nutrients in one hit and you can drink it on the go. Whilst making your smoothie, add a handful of oats into the blend. This will provide not only added nutrients but give your smoothie a nice thickness to it to help with fullness until your next meal.

Oat Based Cereal –

If porridge on its own just isn’t cutting it for you, try a cereal blend (or make one) that has different cereals, dried fruits and oats in it. Making your own means you know exactly what goes in there and you can pick and choose the yummy bit that you like to add in.

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Main Meal Ideas

Adding oats to main meals can also be done without too much change to your overall meal.

An alternative to bread crumbs – Oats are a great alternative to breadcrumbs when it comes to crumbing fish or chicken. They can also be added instead of breadcrumbs into meatballs. Here is our recipe

Thickening – Finely blended oats can be added into sauces to help to thicken them without changing the taste of the sauce.

Crispy Touch – Adding chopped up oats to the tops of pasta bakes, potato bakes and roast potatoes gives a nice golden crispy touch to the food.


Snacking throughout the day is something we all do and making sure your snacks are healthy and sustain you is essential. Again, adding oats is simple and easy for you in between meals.

Crackers – Swapping out crackers or crispbread for oat based biscuits is a great alternative. They can be used with all different toppings.

Biscuits and slices – Making oat based biscuits and slices are a great way to fill you up during the day whilst still making sure you are eating healthy foods. You can make the slice with different dried fruits, fresh fruits and many different flavours.

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What will you add oats to?

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