Alfalfa Seeds



From our inspection after your query, you are seeing rolled alfalfa seeds. Because this is a naturally occurring gluten-free seed that has been part of our product since we introduced the organic line over the history of our company we have not specifically identified it in the past other than with this statement on the spec sheet presented to all of our customers.“Naturally occurring oat crop variations and growing conditions may result in deviations from these specifications.” We have had this discussion with some of our other domestic customers in the past and verbally explained to them the reason why these seeds may be present in some of our product.

Up until this point, the “Rejects” shown on the attached spec sheet has only referred to “oat hulls” only and we have had a combined spec sheet for traditional and organic products. We will be adjusting this in the future per our discussion today to make a separate spec sheet for organic and traditional, with the added line on the organic spec sheet as shown below. What we will call “other gluten-free seeds” are grains that may be used as a soil enhancer during the growing season or maybe a natural part of an organic operation because they are not able to use any herbicide controls. Some examples could be but not limited to Chick Peas and Alfalfa Seeds are what we know of at this time.

Other Gluten-Free Seeds ≤5 per 50 grams

I had our lab pull all of the organic samples for the pallets that were shipped to you. Each bag has a Batch and trace number on it and if you look at the last 2 digits shown on each bag it will show the pallet number. You were shipped pallet # 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, and 13.My team pulled a 50-gram sample out of each of our sample bags and found that all of them were within our current spec of less than or equal to 5 in 50g if they could be considered a “reject” before the adjustment. We did find that pallet #13 did have a higher number of alfalfa seeds in it (11 in 50g). You can ensure your customers in Australia that the product is safe, in spec and gluten-free but what they are seeing is only a rolled alfalfa seed.

Thank you for allowing our celiac family to serve you! Regards Seaton Smith–CEO GF Harvest, Wyoming USA.

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