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GF Oats April News

Welcome to one of the busiest months in the year APRIL.

Not only do we recognise April’s Fool Day, Easter and ANZAC DAY but we are launching two new products into the Australian retail market. GF Oats ANZAC BISCUITS AND GF QUICK OATS.


The Launch Of Our GF Oats Anzac Biscuits

You know that feeling when you do all the preparation for an event and by the time it actually arrives you feel like you have been organising and planning for years. Yep, that is what we feel like. We have faced a whole bunch of challenges and setbacks, as most projects do. BUT, thanks to our team we have come out the other side and just in time for ANZAC DAY. So all of you who follow special dietary requirements will once again, be able to enjoy celebrating this day with a cuppa and a beautiful ANZAC.

We have multiple functions during the month of April celebrating the launch of our ANZAC biscuits.  We will be adding these Events to our Facebook page.

The first of the Events is the Launch in our GF Oats store.  Please see here…

We will be hosting a Launch Party at our GF Oats Headquarters in Meringandan, all details are listed in the Event. Come and have a FREE biscuit and a cuppa with us. Our shop will be open for sales and we will have discounts on all our stock.


Good News and Bad News


The Quick Oats packaging has literally been on a slow boat from China, 😊. But has finally arrived. We are sending it straight into our packing partners, Endeavour here in Toowoomba, to be packaged up. So, keep an eye out for our opening special this month.


It is with sadness that we are discontinuing the Chocolate Muesli. Sales have just not been realised in the stores, so we have decided we must let this beauty go. The good news is, it is on a Super Special until we run out in our online store.

$7.95 for a single bag and $14.90 for a 2 pack.  There are also Free Samples available if you would like to try it before it disappears.

If you join our Oats Club, then you will be eligible for a FREE bag of Chocolate Oats, details for our Subscription Service below.



This month I have wanted to reach out to our Vegan community as our products are catering for your dietary requirements. Oats provide a Vegan diet with 17g of protein per 100g. In fact, oats were one of the top foods to provide a good source of protein. So, if you are following a Vegan diet, let’s have a chat about why you should add Oats into your diet…



For those of you who love a good oat recipe inspiration and are not subscribed to the weekly recipes, we send these each Friday, come and join us.  Most of the recipes are re-shares from our Oat loving followers on Instagram who seriously create the most amazing dishes with oats you can ever imagine.

This year we are going to continue to share these amazing recipes via the weekly newsletter but also publish them on the blog and via some new eBooks.

You can subscribe to this email here and you will also receive a FREE sample copy our 50 ways with GF Oats.  Go grab it here.



We are continuing with our #Share a Recipe campaign and are super excited to be able to share with you the very first of the many recipes submitted to us.

If you would like to participate in this campaign for the chance to win a $25 gift voucher, please click here to find the details.

Oats Pancakes With Plum Topping


GF Oats Thermomix Recipe

This month I shared my Thermomix Recipe with everyone. It is super easy to make for 1 person as it is for a family. Throw in the ingredients, turn the dials and go and get ready. This is definitely my favourite way to prepare my porridge on a busy morning getting ready to get to the office. Microwaving is not my choice and the cooktop requires me to stand and stir.


Our Exclusive Recipe for online customers

Each season we share a beautiful exclusive recipe in each online order that we dispatch.

At the moment we have a gorgeous Smoothie Recipe that will be on a postcard in your order. We trust you will enjoy.



If you are a regular Oat Ordering Lover, this is the service that will probably suit you best.  How it works, if you are finding you are ordering each 1,2 or 3 months and it is a set order then join the GF Oats Club and subscribe, this will save you up to 20% on your orders, seriously a good deal. We couldn’t be bothered with any small print and restrictions, if you need to cancel, just email Judi here and let her know what you would like to do. We know things change, people go away, or you get a backlog of oats, it’s all good.

This month you will receive a FREE Sample of the Chocolate Oats & the Muesli in your when you sign up. 

For more information about our Subscription Service and how it works click here.



Store Locator updates for Oats and for ANZAC BISCUITS

We are continually updating our store list as we have more retailers joining us to share the GF Oats range with customers.  Click here to find a store stocking our GF Oats near you using your postcode or click here to see our growing list stocking our GF Oats ANZAC biscuits.



Each month I add a new video to our series sharing tips, recipes and recommendations that I have shared via our Facebook throughout the month. You can keep up to date here…

Every day we are sharing or resharing via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Come join us on the social links on the left of this page.  Leave us a review and we will supply you with a FREE FREIGHT code.



It is important that we share the latest test results from Symbio with you showing you that these oats are not contaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.  I am limited in what claims I can make around gluten-free oats here in Australia. We have labelling restrictions via FANANZ which prevent us from labelling and oats gluten free here in Australia. We, therefore, use Symbio independent testing labs in Brisbane who use the Elisa Testing Equipment to detect gluten.

Please check our Compliance page on our website to see the latest batch packed and the matching test results.

You will also see a research link on that page to many studies, medical & university based around the world with relation to oats.


We wish you a wonderful April and trust it is exciting as ours.

We love serving you GF Oats all around Australia but remember you can purchase your Oats from our Online Store here.