Banana Spinach & Oat Shake Recipe from Kylie’s Kitchen

At GF Oats, we naturally love oat smoothie recipes and this one is particularly unique and must-try for all oat lovers and oat enthusiasts! This healthy recipe comes from Becky at @becky_marathonhealthandfitness on Instagram. Becky makes this Banana Spinach and Oat smoothie as a post-run shake so we thought it was definitely worth sharing for all the runners and gym members out there who enjoy a smoothie after a great workout. 

It’s so delicious that it is almost like a dessert (but a healthy one)! Becky finds that this shake gives her energy after her long runs and helps in keeping her full for longer, which makes sense as GF oats are very filling! It’s the perfect thing to have after a workout when you don’t want a full meal but still need carbohydrates and protein to fuel and recharge your body plus promote muscle building. We have tried it out and it’s been super popular in the GF Oats Kitchen.


1 frozen banana

Handful of spinach

3 tbspn GF Oats

1 tspn @mayversfood peanut butter (well, tbsp really 🙊)

1 tsp chia seeds

1/2 fill with almond milk

1 tspn linseeds (also known as flaxseeds)

2 tbspn @tropeaka vanilla protein or protein powder of choice

1/2 fill with filtered water


Blitz in a nutribullet or other blender. 

This recipe is super easy for a healthy and delicious smoothie that packs a punch of great nutrients and protein for a post-workout shake! It’s also great as a breakfast option or a filling snack if you’re feeling a bit peckish throughout the day. Adding oats to any smoothie is a great way to feel fuller for longer with a smoothie. Oats have a mild flavour that won’t overpower the other ingredients in your smoothie and are great for providing your body with fibre for better gut health and digestion so it’s a great ingredient to pop into your smoothies in general. If you’re looking for more great recipes like this one, you can check out our smoothie recipes section of our blog here!

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