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Gluten Free Diet | GF OATS
Gluten free diet

What is a Gluten-free diet?

What is a gluten-free diet and how does it work? Several people follow a gluten-free diet for a variety of reasons like sensitivity to gluten, suffering from celiac

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Instant Oats Gluten Free

Porridge with Stewed Rhubarb

Porridge for Breakfast with Stewed Rhubarb Porridge Ingredients 3 cups (300g) GF Oats 800mls filtered water Pinch of sea salt and cinnamon Porridge Method Mix all ingredients in a

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Running | GF Oats
Wheat Free Diet

Following a Wheat-free Diet

What are some of the benefits of following a wheat-free diet health-wise? Wheat is composed of a protein called gluten. As the name indicates it is the glue-like substance which

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GF Oats Gluten Free Quick Oats

Are Oats gluten-free?

Are Oats Really Gluten-free? As the sole importer of gluten-free oats in Australia we at GK Gluten Free Foods get asked on a daily basis these 3 questions, so I decided to

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