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Alfalfa Seeds

ALFALFA SEEDS STATEMENT FROM GF HARVEST GF Harvest: ALFALFA SEEDS STATEMENT From our inspection after your query, you are seeing rolled alfalfa seeds. Because this is a naturally

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Field Peas Info Letter

Informational Document on Field Peas in Organic Oats–Reference: GF Harvest The yellow flakes found in some shipments of oats are field peas that are grown as an under

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Oat Purity
About GF Oats

Oat Purity – It Matters

Oat Purity – It Matters GF Harvest Follow The Purity Protocol Why does Oat Purity matter? Some oats being used in products labelled “Gluten-Free” are not grown and

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Smoothie Craze
Dietary Support

Join the Smoothie Craze!

Join the Smoothie Craze! Have you noticed the Smoothie Craze? Everyone loves them! So, this month we are all about Oat Smoothies for breakfast, a snack or anywhere

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