Carrot, Oat & Date Balls

Oat Date Balls with Carrot

Try out these healthy, delicious oat date balls with carrot added. A great snack for on the go, in lunch boxes or anytime the hunger hits.


·      1 ½ cups of GF Oats·      2 medium carrots, roughly chopped·      ½ cup walnuts·      ¾ cup pecan halves·      ¾ cup dates·      ½ Tblspn cinnamon·     2 Tblspns coconut sugar·      ½ Tspn ground ginger·      ½ Tspn nutmeg·      Desiccated coconut for dusting


1.     Blend carrots in a food processor then add dates and blend until well chopped and mixed.2.     Add the remainder of ingredients and blend again until well combined.3.     Roll into balls and dust with coconut (makes about 20 balls)4.     Refrigerate for 30 minutes before consuming.5.     Enjoy!

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