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How to Increase your Immune System with Oats

Winter is here and who doesn’t love a bowl of porridge on a cold day?  Our precious immune systems are the bodies defence system against harmful invaders. Many day-to-day encounters can challenge the immune system and stimulate a natural response. There are a variety of things that can decrease the immunity in our systems, such …

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Friendship Foods Recipe Book Review

Recipe Book Reviews – Gluten Free Recipes “Delicious Feelgood Food” with gluten free recipesA perfect way to describe the wonderful soft covered recipe book with approx. 50 recipes. Free from GLUTEN, YEAST, DAIRY, EGG AND REFINED SUGAR-FREE solutions for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and anything in-between. Check out the recipe book HERE. Collated and published by …

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Traditional Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtle for GF Oats

Traditional Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtle GF Oats Australia is excited to stock the Traditional Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtle. These Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtles are hand-made from Australian Hardwood timer like Red Gum. They are made in South-East Queensland, Australia by “Bryan’s Woody Bits – Bespoke Timber Products”. Oatmeal Kitchen Spurtles are the perfect addition to your kitchen. Also a …

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Love Healthy Cereal?

Do You Love Healthy Cereal?   Learn how to Boost the Nutritional Value of your Oats. Oatmeal is a healthy cereal and makes for a hearty breakfast staple. Oats are loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidant plant compounds. Half a cup (78 grams) of dry oats contains Manganese: 191% of the RDI. Phosphorus: 41% of the RDI. Magnesium: 34% …

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