Spiced Smoothie for Breakfast

Looking for a super healthy, delicious start to your day?  Look no further than this Spiced Smoothie for Breakfast. Ingredients ¼ cup of GF Oats Mixed Spice Muesli1 banana1 cup of almond milk2 tbsp of Yoghurt1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil1 tbsp of Honey20mls of my daily Colloidal Minerals (once again I use the Modere range)1 packet of Super Symbiotic Probiotics (my choice …

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Banana Spinach & Oat Shake Recipe from Kylie’s Kitchen

KYLIE’S KITCHEN – BANANA SPINACH and OAT SHAKE This healthy recipe comes from Becky at @becky_marathonhealthandfitness on Instagram. Becky makes this Banana Spinach and Oat smoothie as a post-run shake. And it’s so delicious, it is almost like a dessert (but a healthy one)! Becky finds that this shake gives her energy after her long runs. Also, …

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Oats Recipes For Weight Loss

Oats Recipes For Weight Loss Check out my favourite oats recipes for weight loss that will keep you on track towards getting your body back. Ready to eat, off the shelf cereals, aren’t often the most waist-friendly foods. They have hidden unwanted sugars and artificial colours and preservatives, that just add unnecessary calories to your day. If you’re looking at …

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