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World Porridge Making Championships.



Did you know that on the 31st March in Scotland they have 25th Annual Golden Spurtle™  World Porridge Making Championships?

Yep, that’s right since 1996, the World Porridge Making Championship has taken place each year in the Scottish Highlands village of Carrbridge.

The oaty cook-off draws competitors from across the globe to compete for the coveted Golden Spurtle trophy and title of “World Porridge Making Champion.”


Not satisfied with just oats, water and salt?

Don’t worry, competitors also battle it out for the speciality trophy in a section that celebrates the versatility of porridge. With past winners with recipe submissions such as Sticky Toffee Porridge and Fruity Date Porridge. The possibilities and the imagination is endless.


The Championships History

History of the Championships goes back to 1994 when the first Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships was held on Sunday, 11th September 1994.

Roger Reed was the creator behind the event, who was the owner of the Fairwinds Hotel, Carrbridge and secretary of the Carrbridge Community Council.

The idea of the Championship was to raise the profile of Carrbridge and of porridge rather than to raise funds.

At the time Roger was quoted in the local press “it is a very healthy food and we should make more people aware of this”.   Roger recalled the first competition saying “Everybody had their own way of making porridge, could we find the best. Duncan was sure that he knew enough top chefs to act as judges. We then drew up the rules for making basic porridge. We decided that to add interest we would add a speciality section where the competitors could let their imagination take over. It was probably all sorted out in an hour or so. Duncan sorted out the judges, I organised the event. I put the idea to the Community Council, they approved and funded the initial event and subsequent years. It was never intended to make money but not lose too much. Simple idea really.”


Competition has grown significantly

So, over the years since, the competition has grown significantly partly due to increased recognition of porridge as a healthy, tasty and affordable food. The hard work of the organisers. But also due to the increased coverage and interest on the Internet, social media and global news coverage of the event. Leading to more international competitors competing.

Overseas competitors flood in from many countries including Sweden, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

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