Country of Origin Labelling

Compliance with New Country of Origin Labelling

GF Oats complies with New Country of Origin Labelling

New Country of Origin Labelling begins. Over the coming year food manufacturers all over Australia, including us, at GK Gluten-Free Foods, have been busily updating packaging to comply with the new country of origin packing laws introduced on the 1st July 2018. The concept of the new law essentially allows the Australian consumer to determine what portion of a packaged product contains Australian ingredients.

The new requirements will apply to most food offered for retail sale in Australia. Including food sold in stores or markets, online or from a vending machine. It does, however, exclude food sold in restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops or schools.

So from the 1st of July, you will see food labels displaying where food is grown, produced, made or packed.

Restrictions to Labelling Oats

Gloriously Free Oats are grown and produced in the USA by GF Harvest in Powell Wyoming. Unfortunately, due to label restrictions around labelling oats gluten-free in Australia, companies are still unable to label oats that are uncontaminated as gluten-free.

You can access our Research Page to follow up to date articles and data predominately from the USA around oats. GK Foods import the bulk oats in 50lb bags from our supplier. And down pack the uncontaminated oats into Australian packaging. Which, to the best of our ability, communicates to the Australian customer that these oats are uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. And without making any claims that are not compliant with the Australian labelling code. We have partnered with the Endeavour Foundation. They have allocated a clean, uncontaminated packing facility to enable us to maintain our uncontaminated and certified organic status.

Back to the new country of origin labelling laws and how GF Oats have this displayed on our packaging. You will have noticed that we have implemented the new laws and the barcode artwork. Our packaging has displayed this for several months. You will, of course, notice there is no yellow on the bar. This simply reflects that there is no Australian content in this food product. Even the ingredients from the muesli blends at the moment are all sourced from other countries. However, we are always striving to seek interest from Australian oat growers in producing uncontaminated oats for the Australian domestic market, hungry for Australian grown uncontaminated oats.

If you have any questions about the new country of origin labelling laws please reach out and ask us. Either via email or any of our social media platforms.

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