Field Peas Info Letter

Informational Document on Field Peas in Organic Oats–Reference: GF Harvest

The yellow flakes found in some shipments of oats are field peas that are grown as an under crop with the oats to help with weed control and as an organic fertiliser for the oats.

This kind of under crop is very common with organic crops and depending on the field, some batches may have more or less of these picked up during harvest.

GF Harvest states on their specification sheet: “Naturally occurring oat crop variations and growing conditions may result in deviation from these specifications”. Their guarantee is that GF Harvest Products are Top 8allergen free (wheat, fish, shellfish, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy and dairy) and in the USA the oats have been certified as gluten-free (however, Australian labelling laws prevent us from labelling our product as gluten-free here in Australia).

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