GF Oats ANZAC Biscuits 240g

Anzac Biscuits – The first Anzac Biscuit to hit the Australian market using Uncontaminated Oats

Every now and again, something really special hits the market and we believe this is it for 2019. Gloriously Free Oat Anzac Biscuits. Created specifically to honour those who follow special dietary restrictions, we are using two of the hottest ingredients on the market at the moment, Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats and Banana Flour, from Natural Evolution. GK Gluten Free Foods identified that their customers were also actively sourcing dairy free, vegan and organic options and that the much loved Anzac biscuit was sorely missed. Our team has invested dedication to this project to produce this amazing biscuit, that meets the strict criteria and is delicious and nutritious.


#Uncontaminated #Gluten Friendly #Wheat Free #Vegan #Organic #Dairy Free #Refined Sugar-Free # GMO-Free #Delicious #Approved by the Defence Force


Gluten Free Flour (rice, potato and tapioca), GF Oats, Coconut Sugar, Shredded Coconut, Coconut Oil, Brown Rice Syrup, Banana Flour from Natural Evolution. Bicarb (Aluminium free), Water

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The joy of making ANZAC biscuits each year should be enjoyed by anyone even if you have special dietary restrictions. These are Gluten Free ANZAC biscuits, if you can’t have oats you can substitute for rice flakes.

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