GF Oats Allergen Statement

What is your Allergen Statement?

GF Oats Allergen Statement for Oats and associated oats products

Our Oats are sourced from growers in the USA. They supply us with Traditional Oats (conventional), Certified Organic Oats,(Certified in the USA & Australia), and Quick Oats (conventional ground down oats). We are proud that our grower’s crops are uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. They oats are tested to Nil Gluten and we display these results on our Compliance Page. However, please note that due to a sub-clause in the labelling laws, we are unable to make a dietary claim that these oats are gluten free oats. Please view a full list of our FAQ’s here.

You will see the benefits of our Oats are listed #Gluten Friendly #Tested Nil Gluten #Vegan #Certified Organic #Dairy Free #Wheat Free #Uncontaminated #No Glyphosate #No Soy #No Nuts

Crustaceans, including Shellfish X 
Dairy X 
Egg or Egg Derivatives X 
Fish X 
Nuts, including All Tree Nuts X 
Peanuts X 
Soy or Soy Derivatives X 
Wheat or Wheat Derivatives X 
Artificial Colours/Colorants/Flavours X 
Natural Colours/Colorants/Flavours X 
Barley/Rye or Barley Derivatives X 
Bee Product X 
Celery X 
Corn or Corn Derivatives X 
Fragrance X 
Fruit or Fruit Derivatives X 
Gluten X 
Grapefruit X 
Lupin X 
Mollusks (e.g. Snails, Claims, Octopus or Squid) X 
Mustard X 
Oat or Oat DerivativesX Certified GF
Preservatives X 
Rice or Rice Derivatives X 
Salt X 
Sesame or Sesame Derivatives X 
Starch X 
Sugar Alcohols X 
Sugar/Sweeteners X 
Sulfur Dioxide/Sulfites X 
Sweeteners X 
Vegetable or Vegetable Derivatives X 

GF Harvest in the USA, further certify their products to be:

GMO XNon-GMO Verified
Animal Tested X 
Gelatin-Animal Source X 
Irradiated / ETO Treated/ Glyphosate X 

Our GF Oats Chocolate Muesli and Mixed Spice Muesli are processed in facilities that also process nuts and seeds.
#Gluten Friendly #Tested Nil Gluten #Vegan #Certified Organic #Dairy Free #Wheat Free #Uncontaminated #No Glyphosate #No Soy #Refined Sugar Free

GF Oats Biscuit products are also:
#Gluten Friendly #Tested Nil Gluten #Vegan #Certified Organic #Dairy Free #Wheat Free #Uncontaminated #No Glyphosate #Nut Free #Refined Sugar Free

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