GF Oats September News

GF Oats September News

Spring is certainly in the air here in Toowoomba. It’s like the switch has flicked and it’s now in the 20 degrees, that’s Queensland for you. Lots happening, we have some new team members to introduce to you over this month which is really exciting for us as our team grows and blossoms. September is all about Organic, as we lead into our annual audit in a couple of weeks. Kylie is off to the Ausmumpreneurs this week for judging in the Product Category, so we wish her luck in the finals. We will keep you updated on Facebook.

Special for the Month

With the beginning of Spring, we thought we would put the Muesli bags back on Special. These bags are 380g Chocolate Muesli and Mixed Spice. You can take a look at the flavours in each here and don’t forget you can grab a FREE sample in the online store. They have 4 months before their ‘best before date’ runs out. Now is the time to grab a bag, on sale for $6 or until we sell out.

This month our GF Oats is on sale throughout Ritchie’s IGA stores as part of their birthday celebrations, so swing by one of their stores and grab a bargain on the 500g Traditional, they are a great price.

Motivate me Wellness have a sample of our Quick Oats in their Spring Subscription Box which is exciting. If you haven’t seen their gorgeous boxes, they are an incredible value. Check them out here.

You will also start to see our New ANZAC biscuits throughout stores again. This is our new formulation and we are LOVE LOVING the feedback thank you all. It has been a rocky road but we are definitely supplying something fabulous now if you are searching for GlutenFriendly, Vegan, GMO-free, Refined Sugar-Free and taste fabulous.

Finally, yep there is more. We still have our little Winter E-book in our store for FREE download for you until the end of next week. It’s a cracking little book with over 19 recipes I know you’re going to love. I’d love to hear what recipe is your favourite.

Chat with Kylie This Month

It’s all about Organic this month with the lead up to our Certified Organic Audit. I thought I would go through the process with you, so you know why we have to be certified here in Australia, even though the product comes from the US with Organic Certifications. I also go through the top 3 frequently asked questions about Organic. Read here…

Recipe of the Month

Our recipe of the month is from Aleisha who has joined our team as Marketing Assistant. Aleisha has shared one of her favourite Vegan Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies. Aleisha is our resident Vegan and has been educating us on new recipe combinations and ingredients. We are loving it I must say. Check it out here.

For the next 3 months, we are also doing a CALL OUT for you to submit your favourite lunch Box recipes. We are collating a new recipe E-book to launch in January. Please follow the details below for the Share a recipe campaign. If you would like to submit a recipe to GF Oats in our #Sharearecipe campaign. We give customers a $25 gift voucher if you submit according to instructions and we use it in our monthly blog, please click here to find the details.

Kylie’s Kitchen Recipe Lovers

For those of you who love a good oat recipe inspiration and are not subscribed to our weekly recipes we send these each Friday, come and join us. Most of the recipes are re-shares from our Oat loving followers on Instagram who seriously create the most amazing dishes with oats you can ever imagine. You can subscribe to this email here and you will also receive a FREE copy our 50 ways with GF Oats. Go grab it here.

SPRING RECIPE HAS ARRIVED! Exclusive Recipe for online customers ONLY

Each season we share a beautiful exclusive recipe created especially for our Online community only. These are in your orders for each online order that we dispatch. Our new Spring Recipe is Vegan Choc Crumble Raspberry Cheesecake using our Gorgeous Chocolate Muesli which is now on Special in our Online Store.

Gf Oats Club and Subscription Service

If you are a regular Oat Ordering Lover, this is the service that will probably suit you best. How it works, if you are finding you are ordering each 1,2 or 3 months and it is a set order then join the GF Oats Club and subscribe, this will save you up to 20% on your orders, seriously a good deal. We couldn’t be bothered with any small print and restrictions, if you need to cancel, just email us here and let us know what you would like to do. We know things change, people go away, or you get a backlog of oats, it’s all good. For more information about our Subscription Service and how it works click here, I have added a page outlining the subscription process.

WHERE TO BUY – Store Locator updates for Oats and for ANZAC BISCUITS

We are continually updating our store list as we have more retailers joining us to share the GF Oats range with customers. Click here to find a store stocking our GF Oats near you using your postcode or click here to see our growing list stocking our GF Oats ANZAC biscuits.


Each month I add a new video to our series sharing tips, recipes and recommendations that I have shared via our Facebook throughout the month. You can keep up to date here… our latest YouTube entry is about being careful when buying products that you think are naturally gluten-free, but aren’t labelled gluten-free. Every day we are sharing or resharing via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Come join us on the social links on the left of this page. Leave us a review and we will supply you with a FREE FREIGHT code.


It is important that we share the latest test results from Symbio with you showing you that these oats are not contaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. I am limited in what claims I can make around gluten-free oats here in Australia. We have labelling restrictions via FANANZ which prevent us from labelling and oats gluten-free herein Australia. We, therefore, use Symbio independent testing labs in Brisbane who use the Elisa Testing Equipment to detect gluten. Please check our Compliance page on our website to see the latest batch packed and the matching test results. You will also see a research link on that page to many studies, medical & university based around the world with relation to oats.

We wish you a wonderful September and trust it is exciting as ours. We love serving you GF Oats all around Australia but remember you can purchase your Oats from our online Store here.

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