Gloriously Free Crumbed Steaks

Gloriously Free Crumbed Steak

This month things are cooling off and a nice recipe to keep things warm in the kitchen are these delicious Crumbed Steaks. This recipe feeds a crowd, pairs well with any sauce, with vegetables, a salad, as a Parmi, or even a Schnitzel. When GF Oats are processed, they make this beautiful fine crumb (see Fig 1) and in my opinion, are better than breadcrumbs any time. I am most definitely sold….


1 cup GF Oats Quick Oats or Traditional Oats

5 Slices Tenderised Steak (or Chicken Thighs, which have been pounded and tenderised with a mallet).

1 cup Cornflour

2 eggs

¼ cup Milk

½ tsp vegetable stock powder (or salt to taste), pepper and garlic

Olive Oil for frying


Lay a sheet of alfoil on your kitchen bench, crumbing makes a mess. Dip all pieces of Steak (or chicken) in the cornflour.

Use left hand to egg dip and right hand to dip meat into GF Oats Quick Oats or Traditional OatsPat the GF Oats Quick Oats or Traditional Oats crumbs on the meat well, so it adheres well.

Refrigerate Steak or Chicken for an hour (if you are time poor, leave this step out, just be mindful to pat GF Oats Quick Oats or Traditional Oats crumbs down well.

Shallow fry until cooked (I use a temperature probe to make sure every piece is cooked properly). Pat with paper towel to remove residual oil.


Shell’s Friends & Family Fare was inspired by my love & passion for food, creating, sharing & community. It is an extension of my heart and my guarantee is that no two, meals will ever taste the same. As I often say: “There’s no going hungry at Shell’s”.

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