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Welcome to GF Oats Australia. We trust that if you are here, you are searching for ‘Uncontaminated Oats’ .
Great News, you have found us.

We are proud to be Australia’s premier importers and online store dedicated  for purchasers of “The Oats you can trust”, that is free of the contamination from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.
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We provide prompt safe affordable delivery to all States in Australia.

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April Monthly News

GF Oats April News Welcome to one of the busiest months in the year APRIL. Not only do we recognise April’s Fool Day, Easter and ANZAC DAY but we are launching two new products into the Australian retail market. GF Oats ANZAC BISCUITS AND GF QUICK OATS.   The Launch...

Why Should Vegans Add GF Oats To Their Diets?

Why Should Vegans Add GF Oats To Their Diets? How we can serve the Vegan community I have been following or catering for special dietary requirements since my children were first diagnosed with food intolerances as babies over 25 years ago. This, of course, was the...

Thermomix Porridge Recipe

Thermomix Porridge Recipe This Thermomix Porridge recipe is super as easy to make for one person as it is for a family. Single Serve Ingredients 40 g GF Oats – Traditional or Organic 120ml milk 90mls water   To Serve Three  120g GF Oats – Traditional or Organic (link...