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Welcome to GF Oats Australia. We trust that if you are here, you are searching for ‘Uncontaminated Oats’ .
Great News, you have found us.

We are proud to be Australia’s premier importers and online store dedicated  for purchasers of “The Oats you can trust”, that is free of the contamination from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.
We invite you to find more  About Us and where we source our Gloriously Free Oats, Shop online or Contact our team for further assistance.

We provide prompt safe affordable delivery to all States in Australia.

We have all sorts of creative recipes to have fun with oats. To see all our current recipes click here.
We have lots of information about oats. To read all our current articles click here.

Baked Apple Oat Muffin

Baked Apple Oat Muffin Here’s a delicious baked apple oat muffin recipe made with our GF Oats. I am addicted to the combination of baked apple in winter. So, if ever I see anything apple pie on a menu, my willpower melts away as if it was non-existent. I’m not...

The Good News and the Bad News

For those of you who don’t know our story of how we got started with the GF Oats, you can check it out by clicking here and you can listen to me telling the story on our Youtube channel. In a nutshell, we have been importing the uncontaminated oats against all odds...

Old Fashioned Steamed Rolled Oats – What’s Old is New Again

What’s old is new again, Old Fashioned Steamed Rolled Oats. Porridge is back in vogue people Old fashioned steamed rolled oats cooked into a warm bowl of porridge is old school for sure. But 2018 has seen an enormous surge back to this traditional English...

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