Delicious Chocolate Smoothie by GF Oats

Chocolate Smoothie

With so many Chocolate fans out there we thought it was time to share something Chocolatey! Chocolate smoothies are a global favourite and we know why – nobody beats the taste of chocolate and chocolate smoothies make enjoying a sweet chocolate drink a tad healthier with some great ingredients. This recipe is great for creating a tasty breakfast drink as we’ve made it with chocolate muesli, so it’ll be filling and keep you satiated for a while as you go along with your day!

We’ve used our classic GF Oats Chocolate Muesli along with some homemade oat milk (see our recipe for this here, using GF Oats Quick Oats) to make this Chocolate Smoothie recipe you never knew you needed in your life! This recipe is also featured in our Smoothies ebook – along with 12 other lip smackin’ recipes we couldn’t resist sharing with you. If you’re looking for a go-to resource to find delicious smoothie recipes, check out our ebook to see what else you can whip up in your kitchen in only a few minutes.



  • Make the Oat milk as per the recipe instructions here.
  • Combine all the ingredients into a blender. Pulse for 30 secs, serve in a glass or a bowl. (Coconut bowls are available for purchase on the GF Oats shop here)
  • Top with suggested toppings or your own choice of toppings.

If you’d like to see us create this smoothie recipe first-hand, check out our recipe video on our Youtube channel here. It is such a simple and easy recipe to follow so we know that you’ll love this smoothie as much as we do! 


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