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“Delicious Feelgood Food” with gluten free recipes
A perfect way to describe the wonderful soft covered recipe book with approx. 50 recipes. Free from GLUTEN, YEAST, DAIRY, EGG AND REFINED SUGAR-FREE solutions for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and anything in-between.

Check out the recipe book HERE.

Collated and published by a group of ladies from the southern downs, we thought that this was the perfect recipe book to add to our collection. We have a limited supply and when they have run out, that is it.

In the words of Felicity who developed the recipes to assist her with her healthy journey from autoimmune disease “Eating well is not a hobby. I have to eat very, very well otherwise I am sick, sore and miserable”. Who wants that?

I particularly love how this book starts, as I remember my journey starting and I was sharing my Gluten-Free mixes with people, I would also say, “Welcome to the start of an empowering friendship with food!”

Felicity started, like I did, seeing an alternative healer, finding out what I could and could not eat, researching ingredients and substitutes, NOT, via the internet mind you, and started to created delicious nutritious foods, yes, from scratch using strange ingredients at the time, but found that her ailments started to heal and more importantly she was not sick all the time.

This is the empowering part of the journey for anyone who has to deal with food intolerance or allergies, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Another reason why this book resonated so much with me, was because Felicity was also a school teacher and had to feed a whole family, not just herself. In the book she outlines:

Why Avoid some Foods?

*Global Health
*Family and Community
*Her healing story step by step
*How to best prep and plan
*An index and explanation of ingredients she used – including GF Oats
*How to create a Healthy Home
And other tips and tricks to make the journey easier.

A true must for your Recipe Collection, I refer to mine all the time.

Check out the recipe book HERE.


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