How Customers Told Us They Introduced GF Oats Into Their diet.

GF Oats in Your Diet

How do you use GF Oats in your diet? GK Gluten Free Foods have been importing GF Oats into Australia since 2009 and each year we ask our loyal customers for some feedback to share with people who may be considering trying this product.

When introducing these oats into your diet, for some of you will need to go slower than others. If you have a lot of gut-related issues eg. Flatulence, bloating or pain then your gut health is quite poor so my suggestions are that you go slowly.

The recommended serve to start with is 40g, which is why we offer our sample size in our Online Shop.

I have done a few articles over the years on how to introduce Gloriously Free Oats into your diet you are welcome to check them out.

Protocol for Introducing GF Oats into your Diet

Why Soak your Oats

Guidelines for the consumption of oats for a coeliac (the text on this needs reformatting)

Here is how our customers introduced GF Oats into their diet

I love this question and I love the ideas and the various ways people are using these oats in their diet every day is exciting.

  • I sprinkled a little on my fruit at breakfast
  • Started baking with the oats
  • I introduced it in small amounts in my smoothies, then built up
  • Porridge is, of course, the all-time favourite but start with around 40g
  • Soak the oats overnight in a little water and salt, drain and cook the next morning
  • Some started with making a Muesli
  • Small daily serve
  • I started using the oats in slices, this is My favourite way of eating them
  • Substituting flour with oats for thickening
  • Some introduced oats under medical supervision, which of course is the preferred option recommended by the coeliac society

However you decide to introduce these oats, and by all means, we would love to hear your comments below, please enjoy!!

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