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Introducing to you some of my Favourite Coconut Ingredients

My Favourite Coconut Products

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Like many others, I am in love with Coconut products. BUT I realised pretty quickly that not all coconut products were the same. Like everything, it is about the ethics of the company. How they produce and process the product and maintain the high nutrient quality.

At Nature Pacific, they produce a line of coconut products. Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Coconut food products, body products & coconut mixes.

These products are branded Banaban after a group of indigenous people. It’s a fascinating story about this forgotten race. They were displaced from their homeland after the environmental destruction caused by the phosphate mining of their island. Australia, NZ and the UK mined for phosphate for about 80 years. As a result, to this day they are unable to inhabit their island. You can learn more about this fascinating story here, Banaban.com.

Their coconut oil is organic and is nature’s richest source of medium chain fatty acids. As a result, these coconut products have such lovely quality and texture.  The medium chain fats found in Virgin Coconut Oil also contain numerous health-promoting properties. Such as Lauric Acid, which has antimicrobial antiviral properties and is also found in breast milk.

I have chosen this brand to use in our Muesli mixes as the flavour is so lovely.

As an added extra I thought I would extend this product range to you so you can enjoy the benefits of them as much as I do.

Pop over to the shop, to check out the muesli mixes.

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