We appreciate your business and would like to share a $10 Gift voucher with you and your family from an online company we have partnered with called Modere – The Live Clean Company.

WHY Modere?

I have chosen this company to partner with because I have discovered that many of you, my valued customers are looking for solutions to:

  • Reduce the chemicals in your daily lives
  • Heal the gut and improve digestion
  • Access good quality high performing products that work!

WHO are they?

Modere is the solution to all the above challenges.  Providing product solutions in an ONE STOP shop.  They avoid over 3000 potentially harmful ingredients including SLS and Phthalates.  Their collections are super concentrated which reduces the number of product customers needs to use, saving you money and creating less wastage for the planet. They are pioneers in the Live Clean industry with over 25 years of crafting stylish SAFE product formulations.

If it’s not Pure, Reliable and High Performing, it’s not Modere.

Please feel free to visit: Modere.com.au to register and redeem your $10 gift voucher.

Alternatively please view our recommended collection packs below.  A great way to get started on your Live Clean Journey.

Please feel free to email Kylie if you have any questions or require assistance or advise.



Health Collection 2

Taking support for your health and wellbeing to the next level, Health Collection 2 introduces products to actively enhance the healthy functioning of your bodily systems as well as support your overall nutritional needs.

Contains: Natural Mineral Drink, Antioxidant, Adult Multivitamin plus Botanicals, Probiotic, D3 Plus, EFA Krill

Modere Hormone balancingresized

Hormone Balancing Collection 1

Reproductive Years

Providing nutritional support while helping to manage and provide temporary relief from more than just the physical symptoms associated with PMS. Designed to maintain the normal regulatory effect of the female hormonal system, this collection is specially selected for women in their reproductive years.

Contains: Balancing Cream; Essentials; Balance.

Modere balancing resized

Hormone Balancing Collection 2


Providing nutritional support while helping to manage and provide temporary relief from more than just the physical symptoms associated with menopause. Designed to help maintain healthy bone density, this collection is specially selected for women in their transitional years.

Contains: Balancing Cream; Essentials; Transitions.

Modere phase1 Detox resized

Phase 1 Nutrition and Detox Collection

Along with the easy to follow food list & menu plan, recipes plus recommended exercise levels, the Modere Weight Management Program is designed to make you feel good about your body, your health and yourself – and that’s a great place to be!

Contains: All you need to plan.

Home care essentials resized

Essentials Collection

Personal Care products for those who take a personal interest in what goes in and on their bodies. Created with the benefit of the Modere safer ingredient paradigm, they perform excellently so you’ll feel every bit as good as you look.

Contains: Toothpaste, Mouth Rinse, Shower Gel, Hand and Body Lotion, Deodorant, Shaving Gel, Shampoo all hair types, Conditioner all hair types, Antioxidant Hair Serum.

gut healing pack resized

Gut Healing Product Pack

These products are specifically chosen to support your gut, decrease any inflammation like leaky gut, gas, bloating, any pain or discomfort in your digestive tract.

This powerful combination of pro and pre-biotics was developed here in Australia.  All health starts in your gut and if you have any of the above symptoms described you need a powerful therapeutic product to help you to heal.  Unfortunately, everyday factors, such as alcohol intake, diet (too much processed and fatty food) or the use of antibiotics or oral contraceptives can tip the balance of good versus bad bacteria the wrong way.

Aloe Vera
100% organic aloe vera, natural fruit juices and concentrates provide the power of aloe. Our superior micronisation and preservation processes ensure you receive maximal nutritional benefits, soothing the digestive tract from top to bottom.

Fantastic for those who are struggling with inflammation in the digestive tract.

Natural Minerals

Sourced from Austria’s Neydharting Moor, hundreds of varieties of herbs and plants wash from pristine mountain streams and combine with minerals deposited on the lake floor to create a rich natural deposit of minerals and trace elements – the source for the mineral and nutrient-rich mixture in Natural Mineral Drink.

We cannot manufacture minerals or trace elements in our body and therefore must source it from our diet.  Most people with digestive issues are very depleted in minerals due to poor absorption.


Colostrum is the first food for growth and immunity and is frequently referred to as “life’s first food”. Colostrum as a supplement is the most researched and beneficial healing and preventative super-food known.   Colostrum is nature’s answer for active people looking to enhance their diet, improve energy resources and boost the immune system.  Complemented by maca to enhance and strengthen endurance. Together this is a vital supplement to support gut repair.