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Happy 2019 to you all

Here we go it’s January again and we are back with lots of projects and developments to share with you. However, we want to hear from YOU. We can’t convey how much we LOVE our customers. As, without you, we truly would have thrown in the towel/oats 😉 and gone to live in Bali. With the continued labelling and branding issues we face about whether oats are gluten-free or not. However, we continue on because we know that you want this beautiful product.

Even though we have some exciting developments we are busting to share with you for this year, we want to hear from you, our valued customer first and foremost on how we can better serve you and supply you with great products.  You see, we don’t want to be just good, we want to be GREAT!!

Please join us in this short, sharp survey to have your say in return for some cool bribes😉. To say thank you each person that contributes will receive a FREE copy of my 50 ways with GF Oats, the complete recipe guide for all true oat lovers. However, STOP, there is more…  For the first 25, I am going to give you a FREE FREIGHT DISCOUNT CODE…

OH gosh alright, they are all saying I need to give more, so there is one more thing… For everyone, yes everyone that gives me some valued feedback, we will email you a special code to get a FREE, yes FREE, bag of muesli of your choice in your next order.



Thank you to all of you who ordered over the 2 weeks we were on our much needed break. ALL these orders were dispatched on Tuesday so please look out for your dispatch email and tracking code. We have a limited supply of the short-dated 2kg Organic Oats left so first in best dressed if you haven’t seen this Super Sale. Check it out here!


For those of you who love a good oat recipe inspiration and are not subscribed to the weekly recipes we send these each Friday, come and join us. Most of the recipes are re-shares from our Oat loving followers on Instagram who seriously create the most amazing dishes with oats you can ever imagine. This year we are going to continue to share these amazing recipes via the weekly newsletter but also publish them on the blog and via some new ebooks. This month we are sharing some delicious Australia Day inspired recipes, so stayed tuned, first one this Friday. You can subscribe to this email here and you will also receive a FREE sample copy our 50 ways with GF Oats. Go grab it here


If you are a regular Oat Ordering Lover, this is the service that will probably suit you best. How it works, if you are finding you are ordering each 1,2 or 3 months and it is a set order then join the GF Oats Club and subscribe. This will also save you up to 20% on your orders, seriously a good deal. We couldn’t be bothered with any small print and restrictions. So if you need to cancel, just email Judi here and let her know what you would like to do. We know things change, people go away or you get a backlog of oats, it’s all good.


We are continually updating our store list as we have more retailers joining us to share the GF Oats range with customers. This month we want to share all the retail chains that joined us last year. We have all the Go Vita stores around Australia, Healthy Life, Ritchies IGA and Naked Bulk Foods on board. Check in with us each month and we will share with you our updated stockists. If you would like to suggest a store near you, please fill the form out on this page. Please note we are not supplying Woolworths or Coles, but if that is of interest, let us know and that will be good feedback to take to them later in the year.


Each month I add a new video to our series sharing tips, recipes, and recommendations that I have shared via our facebook throughout the month. You can keep up to date here… Everyday we are sharing or resharing via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Come join us on the social links on the top right of this page.


It is important that we share the latest test results from Symbio with you. So we can show you that these oats are not contaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. I am limited in what claims I can make around gluten-free oats here in Australia. We have labelling restrictions via FANANZ which prevent us from labelling and oats gluten free here in Australia. We, therefore, use Symbio independent testing labs in Brisbane who use the Elisa Testing Equipment to detect gluten. Please check our Compliance page on our website to see the latest batched packed and the matching test results. You will also see a research link on that page to many studies, medical & university based around the world with relation to oats.


We are super excited to receive a testimonial from someone each week about how much they love our GF Uncontaminated Oats. This year we are going to send a special thank you gift to each customer that sends us a testimonial to the value of around 25 words sharing their favourite way to add GF Oats in their diet each week. For anyone who would like to share a video with us, you will receive a $25 gift voucher. These are gold and we have 2 of our favourites on our homepage and youtube channel.