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Make Sure Your Oats Are Not Contaminated

How To Be Sure Your Oats Are Not Contaminated

Last month we discussed how we test our oats and what it means. If you missed the article you can read it here…

We’re very passionate about our oats and the testing of them. We want to be able to make sure that you know exactly what you are purchasing and receiving. As our oats come with certification documents, we don’t need to test them once they arrive in Australia. However, we do as peace of mind to both you and us. We don’t want any cross contamination and go all out to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Oats are not a grain belonging to the wheat, barley or rye groups. This means that they are technically free from the gluten found in these other grains. However, how do you know if your oats are uncontaminated? There are many instances where a person needs to be strict with the elimination of a food group due to allergy and or dietary requirements. Just because you’re choosing a product that doesn’t contain the potential allergen doesn’t always mean that you’re actually avoiding it – unfortunately.

Oats are a very healthy alternative to other grains and are a perfect breakfast food. They have many benefits and Dr Axe has put together a great article on them which you can read here

Why would my oats be contaminated?

There are many instances where your oats may become contaminated. If you are buying commercial oats that are coming from mainstream farms there is a higher chance of contamination. In many cases, these farms harvest more than just oats and normally harvest many different grains. This means that there is the risk of the crops being too close and growing with each other.

There is also the risk from overflying birds who are releasing their droppings through the crops. These birds may have eaten a grain with gluten in it. Its dropping can then cause the growth of more plants within the crop area of the oats.

Another way that can result in contaminated oats is during the processing in the factories. If the oats are being processed and packaged in the same factory as other grains, then there is the risk of contamination.

How do I ensure I have uncontaminated oats?

Mainstream oats from the grocery stores aren’t guaranteed to be uncontaminated. And, in most cases, if you look at the back of the packaging there will be a disclaimer that states that there may be traces of gluten in them. In a lot of cases, even oats that are labelled as Organic can also be contaminated.

If you are on a strict elimination of gluten products that you need to ensure that you are purchasing your oats from a business or supplier that guarantees no cross-contamination with other grains. The easiest way for them to do this with current labelling laws creating restrictions on claims is to get the oats tested for gluten and then display those results on the website as we do on our compliance page.

Why Gloriously Free Oats?

Here at Gloriously Free Oats, we go to extreme measures to ensure that the product we are supplying is to the best quality and has been quality checked to ensure that there is no cross-contamination. Each batch of oats that we bring into Australia comes with certification documents. However, we go one step further and send samples from each batch to Symbio Industries in Brisbane for further testing. We want the best and we want to deliver the best to you. To read more about our testing and the measures we go to, click here

At Gloriously Free Oats we understand the need for you as a customer to be reassured of the product you are purchasing and we make sure that we can provide you with that reassurance and give you one less thing to worry about.

Want to know more about our business and our products? Visit our FAQ’s page to learn more.

What is your favourite topping for your morning oats?

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