Meet The Growers

Meet the Smith Family – the Growers

The Smith Family are the founders of GF Harvest owned and operated by a family diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Forrest Smith, the founder of the company, was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (CD) in 1990 at the age of 2. Throughout the next 25 years, his family has had over 10 other family members diagnosed. This also included his mother and father. As a freshman in high school, he was charged to create a business and wanted to give back to the gluten-free community.

This is where his vision of GF Harvest started. Now, both parents and Forrest are running the company providing the first dedicated gluten-free oat mill in the United States. As a result, the mill has the purest source of oats for nearly 2 decades.

Their facility is based in Powell in Wyoming and is solely dedicated to processing oats exclusively.

GF Harvest is certified by GFCO at 10 ppm or less, Kosher, Organic and Non-GMO verified with a proven history of purity.


In 2009 GF Harvest partnered with GK Gluten Free Foods as the Australian Agency. They are dedicated to the mission of the Smith Family importing their gluten-free oats into Australia.

Each batch is independently tested by GK Gluten Free Foods on arrival into Australia through Symbio Industries, for gluten contamination. These results showing <3ppm, are displayed on the website under the compliance tab.

First of all, on arrival, the oats are down packed into the various retail and bulk packs ready to send to retails and consumers through their online store.

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