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Most Popular Ways of Eating GF Oats

We are so grateful to the many loyal customers who participated in our Feedback conducted each year. As a result, here are some the most popular ways of eating oats, our Gloriously Free oats.

This year we asked what dietary intolerances people were managing. And the majority of you were managing Gluten Intolerances, of course. We had many also shared that they were Coeliacs and then some were dairy intolerant and fructose intolerant. A small amount of you were also following wheat free and yeast free diet protocols.

GK Gluten Free Foods have been importing GF Oats since 2009 but we are so thrilled to see many new customers but many have been using the oats for several years. This is awesome that we can provide you with a product your love and value in your diet and keep coming back for.

Here are some of the favourite ways you eat our Oats

  • Of course, Porridge was the number 1 way
  • Muesli – and we have a couple of options we are trialling in our Online Store
  • Soaked, cooked + Papaya & Pumpkin seeds, this sounds delicious
  • Crumbles
  • Cooking oats with Chia seeds and Blueberries, and Black Swan Lactose-Free Greek Yoghurt with Cinnamon…or Paw Paw if available.
  • With milk and yoghurt
  • Creating Bircher Muesli’s for a quick on the run brekky
  • In stews and casseroles
  • In smoothies every day
  • Blend them down into a flour and use it in pancakes, gravies and in breads and cakes
  • In fruit smoothie
  • Breakfast, with hot milk and sultanas
  • Porridge with goji berries
  • Coconut milk or Almond milk with mashed banana or berries

I trust you got a couple of new ideas here. Please visit our Recipe Archives for a larger range of recipe ideas or download our 50 Ways with GF Oats E-Book.

Please feel free to share any other ways you use the oats in your diet below in the comments.

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