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Oats can be your hero – here are the facts

Here Are The Facts About Oats

This is a fabulous powerhouse of an ingredient providing you with Low calories, low fat, high fibre and packed with nutrients.

Some Facts About Oats

From top to bottom:

1. Grouts, these are the seeds with the husk removed. This is the least processed form of oatmeal you are going to find. It takes a long time to cook, approximately 50mins.

2. Steel Cut Oats. Now, these are just the seeds cut into small pieces with a steel cut blade. These are still high in nutritional value but they don’t take quite as long to cook as the oat seeds. They are not that good to use in baking and you can’t microwave them they have to be slow cooked on the stove.

3. Then we have Rolled Oats. These are essentially the grout steamed, rolled, steamed again and baked. The most popular of all the oat varieties for its versatility.

4. Instant oats, these are rolled oats that have been pre-cooked so that they cook faster than the old-fashioned variety.

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