Oats Make It Onto The New Food Pyramid


Whew that was a close one.  I’m thrilled to see the little icon there labeled “oats” on the new Food Pyramid.  It is such a relief to see such a healthy well-balanced Food Pyramid from the one that I grew up with, all my life in fact. I just love this new version; it is something I would feel more than comfortable to both promote and follow with logical guidelines for us nutritionally. Oats are simply a delicious nutritious alternative to some of those nasty sugar loaded cereals out there on offer.   It has been a struggle to retain the GF Oats here in Australia for the last 5 years.  Being unable to label the product gluten free even though we have independent testing to show that the product is less that 3parts per million. We always believed if we did not do it someone else would.  They are simply a superior product based on the pride and care that GF Harvest take in the processing of this product to ensure to us that they are in fact uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.Great to see all the wonderful feedback we have received from our consumers particularly Coeliacs. 

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Why can’t we grow Oats in Australia that tests nil gluten?

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