Old Fashioned Steamed Rolled Oats

Old Fashioned Steamed Rolled Oats – What’s Old is New Again

What’s old is new again, Old Fashioned Steamed Rolled Oats.

Porridge is back in vogue people. Old fashioned steamed rolled oats cooked into a warm bowl of porridge is old school for sure. But 2018 has seen an enormous surge back to this traditional English breakfast favourite. Who doesn’t love a bowl of hot porridge in the middle of winter? It really wells up many comforting memories for people young and old. I remember out on the farm we had an old wood stove. Mum would cook up a big pot for everyone during winter. And that was the go-to brekky, no questions asked, with a generous spoon of Golden Circle syrup, which I still keep a jar of, albeit plastic these days.

Old fashioned steamed rolled oats is a fabulous energy source for the day. And there are endless ways we have found to present the most delicious and nutritious breakfast oats, thanks to our many Instagram followers.

Some of the favourite toppings to add to a warm bowl of porridge are nuts and seasonal fruits. Also milk and milk alternatives, sweeteners and a whole variety of superfoods.

Foodies are into Porridge

It is so inspiring to see what Foodies are creating with a humble bowl of porridge. We wanted to share some of these with you and invite you to follow us on Instagram. And also register to receive our Kylie’s Kitchen weekly recipe newsletter, where we also reshare many recipes from our favourite Influencers.

We would love you to share in the comments below one of your special porridge memories.

Foodies We Follow

One of our favourite Foodies we follow is @oatybowl whose imagination often has us drooling over his Instagram page:

Cam is a young Physiology student from Victoria who is carving his reputation as a very creative porridge lover. He has a flair for combining textures and flavours and loves using seasonal fruits.

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Another emerging favourite is:

Abigail Rose is a weight watchers advocate, loves clean eating and gluten-free foods. She is a Health and Fitness Enthusiast and also a mum of 3. Abigail has an amazing flair for putting together the most colourful and inviting dishes, but of course, our favourite is her oat bowls.

One of her latest recipes she shared and tagged us in was her Choco-banana Mug Muffin.

She is very clever with her ingredients and presentation. Well done Abigail, we just love sharing your creations.

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Luana Marchi is a Nutritional Therapist, Health and Wellness Advocate, triathlete. And is also passionate about helping others achieve optimal health. She is someone who is walking her talk and shines a light as an ambassador for good health.

Luana is another oat and porridge lover who regularly tags us with her new creations using @gfoats.

One of our favourite porridge bowls she shared was Bowl of Oats Porridge mixed with cacao powder, nut milk and a few chia seeds, topped with spiced pear and peanut butter and added protein powder. Ooooemmmgeee.

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Follow These Great Foodies

Juanita Heart is a proud vegan, loves food, organic skin care, self-love and low carb. What a wonderful portfolio. She is a @gfoats advocate and her Instagram account is simply beautiful, creative and full of some gorgeous brands, including ours.

Earlier this year Juanita presented one of the most gorgeous recipes we had seen in a while. So vibrant and so inviting, we were prepared to drive down to Byron Bay just to get ourselves one of these amazing smoothie bowls.

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Finally Karli Rae’s Kreations

Karli is an intuitive and balanced eating, focussing on real whole foods. She is currently studying Health Coaching and creates some simply beautiful dishes to share with her growing followers.

Here is a sample of her oats creations



Follow @kr_kreations

If you have a gorgeous recipe you would like to share on your Instagram account please tag us @gfoats and we will reshare on our page. And if it makes it into the Kylie’s Kitchen newsletter we will forward you a gift voucher code to spend in our online store.

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