What’s on in March at GF Oats


Well, things are really stepping up into a higher gear here at GF Oats Headquarters as the Summer starts to fade away from our memory, it’s all focus on Autumn and wishing for some cooler days, however, more rain is definitely a wish all around the country.


We have a few offerings this month which might suit you.
Short-dated Quick Oats
Firstly we have some Quick Oats that is coming up to it’s Best Before Date, ps read our article if you’re not sure what this means. In saying that the Best Before Date is actually not until August, so you definitely have a few months left. There are only a limited amount of units available in the Shop.
Free Mixed Spice
Talking of Best Before Dates, our Muesli has now met it’s BBD, so instead of throwing it away, in the name of reducing waste, we thought we would give it away, yep, it’s free! It is still edible, so throw some into your cart then into your freezer when you get them. We are still enjoying them at home. Only available until the end of March.
New Gift Hampers
Our Gift Hampers have been very popular this year, so we have added in a couple more for you at a very special opening deal. The first one if the GF Oats Gift Hamper which includes a 500g bag of Traditional Oats, a beautiful Coconut Bowl and a jar of our Gluten-Free Raw Honey. The second is our Kids Hamper, this is a collection that anyone would love really, featuring our Quick Oats, Gluten-Free Raw Honey, GF Oats Chocolate Chip 2 pack and our very popular Biscuit Crumble.
Check out all our Hampers here…
New ANZAC packaging & 2 pks for FREE
As they say on the sales channel, that is not all folks. Leading into our April in prep for ANZAC Day, we are launching our 25 packs of ANZAC biscuits. We have a hold up on our ANZAC 2pk packaging in China, so we have put some samples of them for FREE. So, by all means, pop some into your cart for yourself or to hand to a friend. Available until the end of the month.


This month I am updating our FAQ’s as we continue to source questions from customers.
3 Questions have popped up that I would like to address.
Can I eat Oats if I am a Coeliac?
What does <3ppm mean on your oats testing?
What is the difference between a Best Before Date and a Used by Date?

Can you show me a copy of the Food Labelling Standards for Australia?


Raspberry Oats Smoothie & Ice Blocks.
This month we are sharing a fabulous Oat Smoothie recipe for Kids, inspired by a recipe in Friendship Foods Recipe Book which I did a Book Review last month.
We promote using the Quick Oats in the Smoothies with kids as they are already partially broken down, so they mix really well with the additional ingredients in the blender. It is a challenge finding Smoothie recipes that are Gluten Friendly, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Refined Sugar-Free. But, here at GF Oats, we are up for the challenge. Take a look I think you will lovee it.
Check the recipe out here…



Each month we are sharing videos on our Youtube Channel . Last month in conjunction with launching our new website we shared some How to… Videos. How to save 15% on your oats with our Subscription Service, how to find Recipe Collections, All about our Compliance here at GF Oats ensuring your safety.

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