Rolled Oats VS Quick Oats


Coming into the cooler months means it is time to start bringing on the warm, toasty oat filled breakfasts. Nothing beats a bowl of oats with a drizzle of honey or a handful of berries. How many times have you stood in the breakfast aisle staring at all the different oat varieties? Or scroll through pages and pages doing your online shopping trying to decide which ones to get? There are many different varieties available and not just in the sense of flavour. Rolled oats and quick oats are two of the most popular types available to consumers.

What is the difference?

Rolled Oats vs Quick Oats – All oats begin as oat groats. This is the grain that is harvested. The difference between the different varieties of oats available is the amount of processing that has been done to them. The whole oats are steamed to make them soft and then they are rolled out to make them flat. Quick Oats are the most processed of the oat varieties. The processing of the oats to become quick oats includes pre-cooking the oats. Drying them and then pressing them out thinner than you would for rolled oats. Quick oats are a popular option due to how quickly they are to prepare for meals. However, they do become quite mushy when cooked. Check out our new Quick Oats in our online store.

Can you substitute quick oats for rolled oats in baking?

Most recipes will call for you to use a certain type of oats when creating the dish. The good news is that in most cases you can substitute the type of oats that you are using. Depending on which type of oats you use, it may change the dish slightly. If you are using rolled oats for the recipe you will end up with a chewy, nutty texture and flavour in the dish. When using quick oats you will have a softer, moister finish to the dish due to them going mushy when cooked. If the recipe calls for rolled oats, it would be because that has been tested and they believe it is the best option for the recipe. However, if you do not have them at home and only have quick oats – don’t stress, you can easily substitute.

Are rolled oats better than quick oats?

Both types of oats undergo a degree of processing. Quick oats undergo a little more processing than rolled oats but loose negligible flavour and texture. However, even with the processing of the oats both are still considered to be whole grains. Both Quick Oats and Whole Oat types are still a healthy option.

Healthwise the only real difference between quick oats and rolled oats is that quick oats have a higher GI index. Meaning that they may not keep you as full for as long as rolled oats would.

Is instant oatmeal as healthy as regular?

Oatmeal is created from the milling of the oat groats. Oatmeal has gone through a lot more processing than your standard rolled oats. With the amount of processing that the oat grouts go through to become oatmeal, they do however lose some of their nutritional value. The amount of iron and protein in oatmeal is less than that of rolled oats due to the processing that is has gone through.

Which oats are the healthiest?

Choosing which oats to have for your morning breakfast should not be a task that takes hours of research and second-guessing. In most cases, the nutritional value of rolled oats and quick oats is not much different. The main differences are the flavour and the texture of the oats once cooked. Oatmeal does look at some of its nutritional value due to processing. When choosing your oats you are choosing a healthy option by choosing oats, to begin with. Whether you choose rolled or quick oats – you have still made a healthier option.

Now all that is left is to decide what kind of flavouring you are going to add to your warm morning oats.


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