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Spiced Smoothie for Breakfast

Looking for a super healthy, delicious start to your day? Are you a fan of a slightly spiced flavour? Look no further than this Spiced Smoothie for Breakfast. This smoothie is perfect all year round but particularly popular during the winter months or around Christmas time and utilises our very own GF Oats Mixed Spice Muesli. We love the spiced flavour the muesli gives this smoothie – a flavour you might not often see in smoothies as smoothies are often associated with fruits and vegetables rather than spices. 



Mix all together in the blender and sprinkle with a little extra cinnamon for maximum spice impact! 

This smoothie is made with many healthy ingredients to provide you with great nutrients so that this smoothie not only tastes good but is good for you too! Our GF Oats Mixed Spice Muesli is made with uncontaminated oats so this smoothie is also gluten-friendly, vegan and wheat free! This delicious blend not only works for this smoothie but can be used in making great muesli cookies and really brings that slight Christmas cinnamon flavour to any breakfast meal you have with it. You can grab this muesli and explore our other blends here. 

We hope you enjoy this fun smoothie that adds a little spice into your day and great nutrients to fuel your body, no matter when or where you have it. It’s a great drink to have on the go, and works as a snack or for other meals when you’re low on time and energy!

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