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Benefits of Taking a Bath

Let’s explore why taking a bath is good for you in more ways than you thought. We’re delighted to introduce our gorgeous new GF Oats Tub Tea Bath Salts to the world, and to celebrate we’re sitting down to go through the benefits – both mental and physical – of adding a little something to your bath time ritual.

Our Tub Tea – so called because we have little muslin ‘tea’ bags to throw in the tub to make clean up a whole lot easier, combines all the usual benefits of bath salts with the skin nourishing properties of GF oats.

So, why take a bath?

Most people associate a long soak in the tub with relaxation, and for good reason. Bathing can be utilitarian, but it can also be a self-care ritual that many people look forward to at the end of a stressful day, or after physical exertion. There’s a sense of solitude and peace that can really help while away time and trouble. Studies show that a half-hour bath can lift the mood, reduce stress, and provide a reduction in anger, tension, depression and hostility. These are all wonderful benefits, and the beauty of bathing is that while it works on your mental health, it can also impact you physically.

A warm bath can soothe sore muscles and ease physical tension, help strained joints and even eradicate headaches, and that’s just plain water! There are so many additional benefits to be had depending on which additives you choose to infuse your bath with.
People have been adding things to their bathwater for thousands of years – everyone has heard of Cleopatra bathing in milk and honey, but it’s much more likely that she mixed milk with her bathwater, and though she wouldn’t have known that the lactic acid in milk has exfoliating properties, it was known that it had skin-softening abilities and therefore she utilised it in her daily life. People have been bathing in honey, herbs, minerals, spices and many other things for centuries, and though not all of these baths are exactly healthy – mercury, anyone? – oats happen to be one thing with legitimate physical benefits.

Oatmeal is fantastic for itchy skin, so people with eczema, psoriasis and other painful conditions of a similar nature will benefit from adding oats to their bath. Dry skin, sunburn, hives, shingles and even poison ivy can all be soothed this wonder grain. But how? Protein-rich oatmeal is loaded with fatty lipids that bind to your skin, forming a protective barrier which both nourishes and moisturises your epidermis. Even if you don’t have a skin complaint that you’re looking to soothe, you’ll still be benefited by the moisture and softness which the oatmeal bath gives you. As a benefit, oatmeal has cleansing properties, so if you’ve showered before bathing, you can step straight from the tub and seal in all that moisture and goodness with a rich emollient cream with no need to rinse.

Our Tub Tea

We have three varieties to choose from – Lavender, Rose, and Lemon Myrtle. Each bottle contains both essential oils and the physical dried component those oils are derived from, thereby doubling the benefits.

Lavender is excellent for easing muscle tension and removing stress, while lemon myrtle is anti-microbial and invigorating. Rose is calming and balancing to the skin, and all these benefits are mixed with the additional goodness brought to the table by Epsom salts (soothes skin and muscle fatigue), Himalayan salts (exfoliates and rejuvenates skin cells) and bicarbonate of soda (detoxes and relieves irritation).

But, if you try our Tub Tea packs, that’s not all you get! You’ll also receive a bath bomb infused with all those goodies and gorgeously fragranced with your respective essential oils. You also get a lovely, scented soap handcrafted by local artisan Von-Katz Soaps, which blends hydrating oat milk with rich and lipophilic oils, and is jam packed with essential oils to gently cleanse and nourish, leaving your skin fresh, soft and smooth, while sealing in all that hydration and moisture from your bath with a protective emollient layer.

Our tub tea combines all these benefits, and then you can tailor your experience based on the different qualities of our essential oils. This means that the next time you go down for a long, relaxing soak, you’ll be benefiting your mental health, nourishing your skin, and enjoying the unique properties of our three GF Oats Tub Tea varieties. We’re also proud to announce that our new bath packs are eco-friendly, so don’t throw your bottle away! Purchase our refill packs and help us help our planet.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Taking a Bath”

  1. Maureen Mansfield

    Hello, these sound wonderful

    If all natural ingredients I would love to purchase some I’m on chemo therapy 3 times a week every 11 days I’m sure my skin would benefit. How do I do place an order in NSW. Do you have any outlets in Sydney I could visit

    Many thanks 🙏 Maureen

    1. Hi Maureen, thank you for your kind words.
      Here is a link to our ‘where to buy’ page, where you can pop in your postcode and it will show you all your closest stockists. Alternatively, you can go to our online shop and have our products shipped to your door. I hope, if you decide to try our products, that they help you as we firmly believe they will. Best of luck with your chemo,
      – Kylie

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