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For those of you who don’t know our story of how we got started with the GF Oats, you can check it out by clicking here and you can listen to me telling the story on our Youtube channel. In a nutshell, we have been importing the uncontaminated oats against all odds and controversy for nearly 10 years, in fact it is our birthday next year, but I digress sorry.


Good News, the distribution, enquiries and sales of the Gloriously Free Oats are escalating. We have distribution throughout all of Australia and the enquiries from a recent Food Service show we went to in Brisbane, should see Uncontaminated Oats being served in cafes, restaurants, motels and even some aged cared and hospitals who are looking for better breakfast options for their clients and uncontaminated oats ticks many boxes for them. Our persistence and hard work has paid off and we are finally moving into our very own warehouse. We will be updating you as we move in on our INSTA and Facebook Stories, so check that out over the next week. Demand is outstripping supply as you have seen us do some pre-orders this year when our stocks are running low. Pre-orders just mean we offer a buy before we supply offer at a discounts rate to you, our valued customers. We barely get a container in from the US and we have to order another. Whooooo Hoooo. Exciting times……


Bad News, our increasing costs are causing a bit of heart burn for us. Our team has spent the last 3 months, yep, 3 months convincing me that we are getting squeezed. Over the last 9 years we have enjoyed a moderate growth and for a long time and our Aussie dollar performed beautifully against the US dollar. However over the last few years we have not enjoyed such luxury with that darn US dollar going up and down and DOWN being the flavour of 2018. However UP, is the reality of the costs of running a business in this lucky country. I even just opened a letter from our boxing company advising they are putting up the price by 2.9%. Arggghhhh , somebody stop them!

So we have crunched the numbers and I have argued with my finance team about introducing a small increase that will help us stay in business. I truly hate this part of business believe me, so we have come up with what I think we can manage as a small price increase starting on the 1st September.

I am super sorry but we want to make sure you all have continuous access to this superfood and we don’t jeopardise your supply in any way.

We will continue to subsidise the freight for our online orders and offer discount codes, specials and of course savings via our subscription service. So please keep an eye out in our weekly newsletter and checkout the subscriptions. I pinkie promise there is NO catch with this subscription service. Your sign up with Paypal, you control how often you receive your order and when you want to cancel. Easy.


Wow that was hard to get out. I thank you all for the continued support, social sharing over our growing media channels, getting the word out about our uncontaminated oats and how fabulous they are, recipe shares and of course the wonderful reviews we get in each and every month.

As a gift to you all, I am increasing the prize to the winning “Fabulous Fan of the month”, who emails or places a review on our Facebook page. Previously we were giving away a $30 a month voucher, but I think that is lame and am increasing it to $50 bucks. One lucky winner a month will be offered a discount code to use on anything in our online store.


So stock up your pantries and Purchase your GF Oats via our online store over the next couple of weeks before the price rise.