Topping for Apple Pie | GF Oats

Topping for Apple Pie using GF Oats

Ingredients1 tspn ground cinnamon

¼ cup tapioca flour½ cup almond meal (other nut meals work too)½ cup GF Oats, processed until fine¼ cup coconut sugar½ cup walnuts, crumbled½ cup desiccated coconutPinch of Himalayan rock salt40g Nuttelex or butter soft but not melted2 tbspns melted coconut oilCoconut flakes (about a handful)1 Tblspn water extra if necessaryMethod:Add into a bowl the dry ingredients only.  Rub into the mix the butter, coconut oil and water if necessary with your fingers until well combined.Sprinkle evenly onto to apple pie then top with Coconut Flakes.Cook in the oven for about 30mins on 160oC.

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