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What are Wheat Free Ingredients?

What are Wheat Free Ingredients?

Wheat flour contains the gluten protein called Gliadin that strengthens and binds dough in baking. As a result, when you are baking with wheat free flours you need to source alternative binding agents.

Wheat free recipes use a whole variety of flour substitutes or a blend of flours that are usually carefully formulated to get the best possible results, taking into account the problems associated with lack of wheat gluten, therefore straight substitution can often end in disaster.

We have listed some flours alternatives to wheat flour. It is important to be aware though, that there is no exact substitute for wheat flour, and recipes made with wheat free alternative flours will be different from those containing wheat. Any of the following flours are safe to be used in a wheat free diet  ·         Amaranth flour ·         Arrowroot flour·         Barley flour ·         Brown Rice  ·         Buckwheat Flour ·         Chick Pea Flour·         Corn Flour ·         Corn Meal ·         Maize Flour ·         Potato Flour·         Potato Starch Flour ·         Quinoa Flour ·         Rye Flour ·         Sorghum Flour·         Soya Flour·         Spelt Flour·         Tapioca Flour·         Teff Flour·         White Rice Flour

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