What’s on in December

Special of the Month – Christmas Gift Packs and our new Crumble Ebook is now available

It is hard to believe Christmas is coming up so fast! So we have prepared some amazing gift packs starting from $15!!! (perfect for teachers, secret Santa and stocking filler gifts) One of them being our new Oat Milk making kit which has been a little project of ours a few month’s in the making, with sourcing the oat bags and milk bottles proving to be quite challenging – but don’t worry we are always up for it!

We only stock products that are of the highest quality and these are no exception. These classic milk bottles are 1-ltr, perfect to store a few days worth of your homemade oat milk. Check out the kit here.

View our range of gift packs here and view our Christmas catalogue here.

Our new Crumble Ebook is available now, with 6 delicious dessert recipes using our fan favourite our Biscuit Crumble. Download your FREE Crumble Ebook here.

This month’s blog – What really makes a better breakfast?

It isn’t very surprising that a sugary snack isn’t as filling as a healthier alternative, but did you know that the same foods can differ in how satisfying they are, simply because you prepared them differently? Let’s look at breakfasts. Read it in full here.

This month’s recipe – Christmas Balls

 Our Christmas Balls are at their most classic form when made with our Mixed Spice Muesli, but you can easily use our Chocolate Muesli as well as our ANZAC Biscuit Crumble to add some delicious variation to your table. Find the recipe here and watch the recipe Youtube video here.

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