What’s on in February

So, how’s 2021 coming along for you? Hopefully we’re all doing a little better than this time last year. Special of the month: Snack Bags

This month’s blog – All About Oat Milk

Oat milk is the new black – this delicious dairy-free milk alternative is here to stay. Lauded by many as the best-tasting milk substitute, join us as we take a look at what makes oat milk so special right here. Maybe you’d like to try your hand at making your own? You can try our simple, easy and effective Oat Milk Making Kit today – it has everything you need to get you started.

This month’s recipe – Chocolate Sauce + our Kids Competition

Come and join Kylie as she shows you how to make an absolutely delicious and easily customisable chocolate sauce that you can use for a thousand different recipes – use it to top your baked goods, decorate biscuits, as a set-hard choc topping for ice cream, or as a base for a totally decadent hot chocolate. We use our very own totally delicious GF Oats Chocolate Chips for this recipe – find them here.

Find the recipe here, or watch along on our youtube channel. Happy cooking!

The holidays might have finished and our kids back in school, but our kids’ competition is still up and running! Give your kids a fun way to entertain themselves over the weekend and better yet, give themselves the chance to win a GF Oats Kids Pack, which is filled with tasty treats the whole family will enjoy. Click here to download!

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