What’s on in July

Special of the Month – Biscuit Crumble

We have some of our much loved bikkie crumble on sale, this product is 1/2 price because it is close to BB Date please read what this means HERE. Not only do we have our Biscuit Crumble we now have Chocolate Chip Biscuit Crumbs also.

This blend is the easiest solution for the most delicious tart base you will come across.  Biscuit snack balls and dessert crumble. The recipe on the pack is for a super delicious little treat, ANZAC biscuit balls. Please refer to our Recipes for how to make the tart base. Head over to our shop HERE to purchase.

This month’s blog

This month’s blog – Gluten Free Labelling Laws in Australia

Here in Australia you will see foods labelled as gluten free, gluten friendly and low gluten – What do these mean?

Click the link to check in out HERE.

This month’s recipe – The Best Creamy Porridge

This month Kylie shows you how to make your oats super creamy if that is your thing. GF Oats are naturally creamy as the oat seed is sourced from a heritage seed. However, she shares a few more hacks you can use to bump up that creaminess many of us desired in our morning porridge. Find the recipe HERE.

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