What’s on in June


New Snack Pack Hamper 

Yes, we heard your cries and responded quickly. 

For those of you who love our GF Oats biscuit lines, but need the snack packs to suit your busy lives, Above is an image of a pack of 10 of the Chocolate Chip and 10 of the ANZAC biscuits 2pks – but you can choose to order just one variety if preferred.

Fill your Pantry with Snacks on the Run for every occasion. 

*Heading to the gym

*Going on a Picnic


*Heading to the office

*Packing lunchboxes


 Order your snack pack here.



Quick Oats pre-orders now open

We have now opened pre-orders for our 1kg and 2kg Quick Oats.

A new load was due to leave the US on the 25th May, due here 14th June. We will be looking at a dispatch approximately last week in June. Please note that these dates are an estimate and there are multiple factors that can change these, that make our hair go grey.

Rest assured please email or msg us along the way. 

Ps also be aware that if you order anything else with your pre-order it will all be dispatched at the same time unless you pay an additional freight charge.

We would like to thank everyone for their incredible patience and understanding during this time. 

Place a Quick Oats preorder here.



This month’s recipe – 

Gloriously Free Crumbed Steak (GF)


This month things are cooling off and a nice recipe to keep things warm in the kitchen are these delicious Crumbed Steaks. Find the recipe here.



This month’s blog

This month’s blog – Why can’t we grow Oats in Australia that tests nil gluten? explains all your questions about why we currently can’t grow oats here in Australia. Click the link to check in out here.

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