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Why Should Vegans Add GF Oats To Their Diets?

How we can serve the Vegan community

I have been following or catering for special dietary requirements since my children were first diagnosed with food intolerances as babies over 25 years ago. This, of course, was the driver behind me entering the food manufacturing industry, with a desire to supply people, who were like me and could not find foods to meet their needs.

Being Vegan has definitely not been something that I or my family have ever thought of as being a dietary plan or protocol that we felt suited us. However, we definitely know people who are choosing this lifestyle. And after various Vegan followers reached out to us over the past year, in particular, I started to do some research on what ingredients they could or couldn’t have. I also reached out to our suppliers in the US – GF Harvest and found that their allergen statement did indeed reveal that our Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats were in fact Vegan.

At the same time, we were working with a food developer to make an Anzac Biscuit to launch in 2019 for people specifically who follow speciality diets and lifestyle choices. These food developers are experts in producing food for the Organic, Gluten-free and Vegan market. They assisted us with ingredient choices to develop the wonderful Anzac Biscuit we are just launching in stores all around Australia during the month of April that is suitable for Vegans.  See more about this exciting product here and where it is available.

Why you should add GF Oats to your Vegan diet

There are many different healthy eating plans out there, in fact, it would be fair to say there is something for everyone. There are people who need to eat certain foods in order to stay healthy. Also, there are people who make individual choices on their diets and which foods they would like to consume. And there are people who simply can not eat certain foods as they interfere with their bodies.

When a person decides to become a vegan – for whichever reason, there are a number of foods that they are unable (or not willing to eat). Because they are not eating a diet that includes all of the food groups, they need to ensure that they are getting all of their vitamins and minerals from the foods that they are eating. One food that can assist the diet of a vegan in many ways is oats. Oats can provide a person with several different benefits to help them in their nutrition and day to day functioning.

Slow Releasing Energy

Oats are a good source of slow releasing energy. This is much more beneficial than the release of energy from products such as bread and crackers as they provide a quick release of energy. Having a slow release energy source is important for vegans as many of the high protein foods such as meats and eggs are usually used to help slow down the release of the energy from foods such as bread. Without these foods, a Vegan needs to choose ways to ensure that their energy (carbs) are released slowing and provides them with the energy they need throughout the day.

Source of Zinc

Zinc is an important nutrient for several reasons. This nutrient helps to promote a good immune system, good eyesight and healthy hair, skin and nails. Zinc is primarily found in foods such as meat and seafood. Oats are also high in zinc content which means that including them in a vegan diet will assist you in getting the required amount for your bodies. As a Vegan, you run the risk of being low in zinc from not consuming enough foods with it in it. Eating oats regularly will assist in boosting your zinc levels.

Easy to Digest

Many people struggle with the digestion of foods such as biscuits and bread, this can be because of the amount of gluten in the foods.  Vegan diets can be very high in grain-based foods which in time can make a person feel bloated if they are not digesting properly. Oats can be used as a whole food or added into baking and meals to provide a grain source without the added bloating and digestion issues on the body.

Source of Protein

Whilst eating a vegan diet it may at times be hard to ensure you are getting enough protein. A lot of animal-based foods are high in protein so without these, you need to make sure you are eating enough plant-based foods to increase your protein levels. Oats have similar amounts of protein in them as other grains however the protein in oats is of better quality. The amino acids that are found in oats are better suited to those in our bodies than those in other grains. Grains on their own are not classed as a full protein food so once you have added oats to your diet you need to make sure you are still adding foods such as legumes and nuts to ensure you receive enough protein.

Many people when they think of oats all they can think of is porridge. There is a lot more than can be done with oats and you can incorporate them into almost any meal.

Experiment with different recipes and find ways to eat oats that best suit you, your taste buds and your favourite foods.

Now I am more familiar with this dietary protocol and the ingredients that are suitable, I am excited to try more recipes that will suit my fellow Vegan’s.

Check out our recipe archives here, we would love to hear your substitution suggestions.

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