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Are You Enjoying Your Oats on Australia Day

Did you have a sustainable, healthy breakfast with eating oats on Australia Day? This day has such a joyful feeling about it each year. My favourite ads, of course, are the lamb ads. And this year I just love how they have embraced all our heritage and culture that makes us so unique.

Our GF Oats are of course not grown here in Australia. They come from Wyoming in the USA supplied from Gluten free We are very proud to be able to provide the Australian community with these uncontaminated oats that the rest of the world can access easily and enjoy their diets.

Unable to Label Gluten-free

GK Gluten Free Foods are the sole importers and believe that these are the cleanest oats on the market here in Australia.  Of course, we are unable to label them gluten free, in line with the rest of the world, due to labelling restrictions. However, we can show you the tests results displayed on our website from each batch.  These are displayed under the Compliance Tab.  Match the test with the batch number on your packet.

GF Oats are specifically grown in a controlled uncontaminated environment. This ensures they are not contaminated by the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.  Oats do not contain the same proteins as these other grains and studies have revealed that gluten is, in fact, a combination of gluten, which gives flour that sticky consistency that holds a baked product together.

Predominately oats are contaminated at the farm level. With most farms growing many other grains that contain gluten and using the same equipment in the processing.

This Australia day we wanted to celebrate the diversity of the foods offered here. And the fact that in a Free trade environment with the US we look forward to continuing to supply the Australian community with the “Oats you can Trust”.

Wishing you all a gorgeous Australia Day

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