Xmas Raw Chocolate Muesli Bites

Raw Chocolate Muesli Bites

There is nothing better when people pop in over Xmas for a cuppa, however, I always like to have something prepared. These Xmas Raw Chocolate Muesli Bites are great because you can just keep them in the freezer until that special someone arrives. They are also great if you are asked to go somewhere and you want to take a little treat. Just note that they have to stay cold, so take them in a freezer bag.I hope you enjoy them as much as my guests did, add a little wow factor for that special someone.


50g Coconut Butter150g Coconut Oil2 cups of GF Spiced or Chocolate Muesli30 grams of Cocoa or Cocoa powder2-4 tablespoons of Rice Syrup or Maple Syrup (to taste)Raspberry for decoration


Melt the coconut oil and coconut butter together on the stove in a heavy pan.Add the chocolate powder and syrup along with the muesli mix and mix untilwell, combined.Pour the chocolate into moulds or mini cupcake moulds and pop into the freezer immediately to set.Once they are set serve up.Enjoy!

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