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I’m Kylie the founder of GF Oats Australia, 14 years ago I started importing pure oats into Australia from the US with the dream of being able to one day have this product grown by farmers in Australia. Guess What, we did it! For over 2 years now we have transferred all our supply chain to Aussie farmers from WA. If you love oats like we do, this is the very best oats you can get! 
 From paddock to plate we ensure that these oats are pure and exceptional.
 Soft, creamy, delicious.
Oat Field
Our oat crops are rotated each year to ensure the health of soils. Once the seed is planted, we rely on mother nature to play her part, ensuring that the crop flourishes until harvest, producing exceptional sundried oat seed. During the growth cycle, the crops are monitored for any unwelcome plants that have grown such as wheat, rye or barley and are extracted by hand. Our farmers do not use any Glyphosate to spray the crop during growth and harvesting. They follow the Global Oats Protocol for growing pure oats.
Once the crop is ready for harvest in December each year the oats are transferred to storage bins that are dedicated to oat seed. The seed is then extracted from storage on demand to steam and roll.
Once the oats are steamed and rolled, the finished product is then transferred to large tote bags and freighted to Qld in a dedicated truck only holding oats, ensuring no contamination.
The oats are then moved to freezers in Toowoomba to ensure that there is no insect contamination. 
From the freezers they are transferred to The Endeavour Foundation in Toowoomba for packing into our various retail packs. The finished product comes back to Warehouse headquarters and is then shipped all around Australia, NZ and into emerging export markets.
Our Oats are the purist oats in the country, uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. They are sundried, no chemicals and GMO free.
If you can’t wait to get your hands on some oats, jump over to our online store and grab a Starter Pack or visit your local Healthfood, Wholefood and Independent Stores and get some hands on some #bloodygoodoats.



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