Our Aussie Oats Story!

GK Gluten Free Foods supply premium quality foods to people who follow specific dietary protocols. We manufacture and supply our product in an array of flavours and sizes to suit every table.

Our signature range, GF Oats steamed rolled oats, is sourced solely from Australian farmers since 2021. These are the only oats in Australia that are tested, certified, and guaranteed to meet the strict Australian standards with regards to nil gluten detected from the contamination from wheat, rye & barley. Current labelling laws continue to prevent us from labelling them gluten-free oats for the moment.

Our delicious GF Oats are certified as gluten-free in most countries in the world and we follow the Global Oats Purity Protocol. All our Oats are tested independently, right here in Australia. In Australia we are unable to claim that any oats are gluten free oats due to a sub-clause in our labelling laws. The best we can do to communicate to those eagerly seeking this superfood, is to call it Gloriously Free Oats, free from the contamination found in wheat, rye and barley.

You can rest assured that our Oats truly are "The Oats you can Trust".

The Story so far.... 'she had a dream to be the largest supplier of uncontaminated oats in the Southern Hemisphere'

Kylie lived in western Qld in the early 90's teaching in a small country town called Emerald. She soon met her husband and settled in her hometown, Springsure where she continued as a district relief teacher and helped run a helicopter mustering business. When she and her husband started having a family, their children had a multiple of health problems. They knew very little about food intolerances and allergies but were about to find out. Feeding a family who could not eat, corn, soy, dairy, gluten and sugar was extra ordinarily difficult. So began the journey of sourcing ingredients and starting to create recipes. In 2000, after developing many recipes she was encouraged to share her flour formulas and founded Brighterlife Wheat Free Foods. This product ended up on many shelves around the country over the following 10 years and was certified by the Coeliac Society. In 2011 she sold that brand to pursue another product that had captured her attention.

In 2008 Kylie became aware of a variety of uncontaminated oats in the USA, that was certified as "gluten free oats", uncontaminated from the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley. Kylie reached out to this company, GF Harvest, based in Wyoming USA, the Smith family who started the project to show the world that oats in their natural form were 'gluten free'. Their whole family had Coeliac disease, so she knew they would know how important it was that this product was uncontaminated. She imported a small amount of steamed rolled oats and loved it so much and thought she could help so many, like her, feeding families who had multiple food allergies and intolerances and needed healthy choices in the breakfast and snack categories. 

Kylie decided if she didn't import this product, then someone else would. She also knew the food industry, and knew the health issues faced by those who have to follow specific dietary requirements.

In 2009 she imported 750kg of oats, however was unaware of the labelling laws around oats in Australia, and was not prepared for the misinformed controversy about the nature of uncontaminated oats. Once again it is important to note that here in Australia, a product that contains oats cannot claim to be "gluten-free" due to current food labelling laws; these oats can be called "low gluten" but that is also very confusing for customers. So in late 2010, Kylie and her company, GK Gluten Free Foods introduced their brand Gloriously Free Oats into Australia. 

Customers in Australia have been eager to source uncontaminated oats and demand has continued to grow as people learn more about the unique nature of this product, however this has not been without its challenges. GK Gluten Free foods have continued to bear the brunt and backlash from various sectors in the food and health industry about the nature of this product.

We have been very restricted in the information we can share with customers and how we communicate that on our packaging. The term "Gloriously Free Oats" was born out of a continual barrage of consumers, who were keen to access this product, but were unsure about the lack of claims being offered. This for the moment is the best we can do, as well as try our best to inform consumers about the term "uncontaminated." They tried to put a warning claim on their packaging encouraging Coeliac patients to seek medical advise and participate in the oat challenge prior to consuming oats as a small % can react to the Avenin in oats. However were told to take it off. 🤷‍♀️
Please refer to our FAQs and medical research links.

Mainstream oats are predominately contaminated at the farm level where growers also process crops such as wheat, rye, spelt or barley, all of which contain gluten. We have tested some popular brands and found that tested at varying levels of high gluten content reading, even products labelled as 'Wheat free'.  Kylie insisted that they implement strict compliance protocols to prevent possible contamination and has built a 'blueprint' for growing and processing oats, which they follow, based on the Global Oats Protocol standards. "Every batch of steamed rolled oats we buy from our farmers is tested prior to entry into the warehouse for contamination from gluten found in wheat, rye & barley.

In 2022, Kylie found her dream had been fulfilled and they were now supplying homegrown Aussie GF Oats around Australia. However at the same time found themselves in a situation where after years of supply chain challenges, the US stock became unaffordable and available and that journey was over. Fortunately they had a full production of the first Australian grown uncontaminated oats ready to roll out with Avena Mills who they had been working with for several years towards growing and processing steamed rolled pure oats to meet their commercial demand. They are based in the pristine farming are of Wandering in Western Australia. The GF Oats brand are now supplied all around Australia and New Zealand.  

To buy these oats locally, you can visit our store locator is see if there is a store near you. If you don’t find a store near you and you have a local store you frequent, please give us the name of the store and we will get onto it immediately for you. These oats are predominately available in health food stores, bulk food stores and selected IGA’s around the country.

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