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Lunchbox Snacks

Featuring our hero GF Oats, this eBook takes the struggle out of finding gluten-friendly snacks that will keep you and your family feeling good.
Easy to make and packed full of the goodness of Uncontaminated Oats and other tasty superfoods, these snacks will not only keep you and your family feeling good but are sure to impress even the
fussiest of eaters.
Grab your copy now consisting of 15 nutritious lunchbox friendly recipes using our hero GF Oats. Just enter your name and email address below, and we will send you a copy!

Winter Warmer Recipe Ebook cover image

Winter Warmers

Savour the colder weather and beat the winter sniffles with these comfort, immune-boosting recipes. Oats are more than just porridge! They can be added to any hearty winter dish, without losing the delicious goodness of your warming favourites. But if porridge is your thing – don’t worry we have some tasty variations to spice up this breakfast classic. Grab your copy now


Celebrate breakfast, lunch, or dinner with these 13 nutritious smoothie recipes that taste sensational and make you feel good.

With our GF Oats as a key ingredient, you can now enjoy a refreshing or decadent smoothie that is kind to your body. 

Full of powerful antioxidants, these recipes are perfect for the busy person that needs something energizing and nutritious on the go. Grab your copy now!

Vegan Bites

GF Oats comes to the rescue with these easy plant-based recipes that will excite your vegan friends.

Free from dairy and other animal products, the ingredients in these dishes are a celebration of nutritional and vibrant whole-foods. With a mix of sweet and savoury dishes, the Vegan Bites in this eBook are full of tasty goodness that both vegans and non-vegans will love. 

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Get Your Crumble On!

Whip up a decadent dessert or healthy snack storm with these 6 Biscuit Crumble recipes that will warm and delight. No longer do you need to avoid dessert time with these impressive after-dinner treats. Made with our popular, already-done-for-you Biscuit Crumble mix and a collaboration of other powerful treats, post-dinner guests will be coming back for more. Now you can rediscover the delicious taste of a biscuit base cheesecake without the uncomfortable side effects!
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50 Ways with GF Oats

Oats are a superfood! Packed full of vitamins, minerals, and fibre – Oats are the ultimate addition to any meal. With 50 different ways to supercharge your meals using the health benefits of oats, you can rest easy knowing you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner sorted for weeks.

We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t. This popular eBook highlights the versatility of Oats, accompanied by other ingredients that are perfect for those with food sensitivities and intolerances. Grab your copy now!

Brekkie Eats Ebook | GF Oats

Brekky Eats

Are you that person who considers Breakfast to be the most important meal of the day?

Awesome news… we have you covered in this Brekky eBook. This is a fabulous combination of flavour filled ideas that will really brighten your day and give you the morning energy lift a great breakfast should give you. This book includes 10 yummy oaty recipes to kick start your day! Grab your copy now!

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