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Janelle Beach

I am happy to see this batch is a little thicker, I always preferred them in the traditional form before I had to go GF so was a little disappointed to find the only ones on the market were so crushed up, VERY HAPPY customer 🙂

B Bridges

I have always loved oats and when diagnosed thought I could never have them again until a friend found your website and told me to try them. I have never had a reaction to them and love them!

J Brenton

They do not blow me out, are easy to digest, give me energy, and make a very satisfying breakfast.

G Evans

Delicious taste and don’t make me bloated and unwell

C Farrell

Because they don’t react badly in my gut and are super creamy!

N Stiffle

Because I can enjoy oats again. Their taste and health benefits.

M Loschiavo

They are the best tasting GF oats in the market.

A McCarth

They taste amazing, they’re versatile & the perfect warmer for the start of the day! Sets your body up for a healthy day! Love, love, love! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

J Manion

I’ve always loved oats and it’s great that I can keep them in my gluten-free diet as they are guaranteed non-contaminated

F Curtis

I love that I can have oats and it makes me feel good.

K Gowen

Up until I started my relationship with your oats, breakfast was always a dreary, boring, sad start to the day. No longer – its heaven!

K Crowe

I love breakfast and I was devastated when I couldn’t eat normal oats anymore … So this is perfect for me

Jamie Powell

After finding enough storage space for our 5kg of oats we have been enjoying porridge for breakfast in the now cooler weather. I was delighted to see my nearly 6-month-old absolutely devouring the oats. She has not been weaning for long, but just loves the oats. If we don’t get her all set up with her own portion she follows her big sister around the lounge with her mouth open and hands out ready to grab the bowl. It is very cute and just shows what we already knew, the GF oats are very yummy. Thanks for the great products

Shannon Buchan

I have just ordered some more oats on your website which by the way I am so excited the sample pack of oats didn’t make me feel sick so I can finally have my porridge back! The website was great and really easy to use. It flows well and was easy to check out. We are currently designing our new website where I work so I knew what to look out for and you seemed to tick all the boxes – Congratulations, I will certainly be buying more from you online

Jodi Tobias

The jury has always been out about whether or not oats are allowed in the coeliac diet. My daughter is VERY sensitive to gluten and it’s hard to find a good wholesome breakfast that will keep her going through school. I did lots of online searching and found your site so I thought I’d give the oats ago during the school holidays. She didn’t have any gut reactions or skin reactions! I was very impressed! We cook them up in the thermomix with an apple and a pear and it’s the perfect breakfast. She can have Anzac biscuits and homemade muesli bars as well! I am very impressed with the oats, I don’t care how thick or thin they are – the thermomix cooks them perfectly every time regardless. I just wish we had them locally – hint hint!

John, On behalf of Grace

Grace was diagnosed as suffering from IBS 53 years ago, soon after the birth of her elder daughter. Buying food that is free of wheat, contamination has been a problem over the years. A 100g Trial supply of Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats was purchased from G K Gluten Free Foods. After 3 separate meals, Grace suffered no ill effects whatsoever.

E Nicols

Thank you for the opportunity to try your new Chocolate Oats. The whole family tried them and the verdict was we all loved them. My boys loved them for breaky warm with milk. My husband liked them as a treat mid-morning after morning drops off and I liked them best with mixed berries and yoghurt. Will definitely buy them again!

Mary M

I am not a “chocolate in the morning” kind of person but this has me completely converted – it is very YUM! I will bend my rules for this (it’s only cheating a little – so much other goodness the chocolate is cancelled out!)


For the last little while, I’ve been trying to reduce gluten in my diet because of how crappy it makes me feel, and one of the big problems was finding something gluten-free for breakfast, specifically for my early morning shifts. Up until now, oats, a favourite, weren’t gluten-free. Thankfully, I have now found oats that are both tasty and gluten-free. This is a local online business; the woman who runs it is very helpful and easy to deal with. The ordering/delivery process is simple and efficient. Now, to save people some grief: yes, comparatively they are expensive, but then all gluten-free products tend to be above the odds in costs. But for me, the cost is well worth the benefits. Gluten-free is not a fad. Celiac’s disease sufferers know only too well the impact of gluten. The symptoms of gluten sensitivity are wide-reaching and often not linked to gluten, so misdiagnosed, or ignored. The main reason I’ve tried to go gluten-free is to stop stomach bloating and to improve my digestion/bowel habits.

Sharon H

I love the natural chocolate flavour and sweetness of the chocolate oats. I found a bowl for breakfast kept me going for hours. I love it when I find something nutritious and really tasty!


I bought a bag of your Oats at Wray’s Newmarket and made homemade Muesli ( with some good Canadian maple syrup), had for breakie this morning … totally amazing quality and I am amazed they don’t sit heavy in my gut at all!! Yum

Katie Robertson-Kelk

Our family has been eating GF Oats for the last 3-4 years and would not swap to any other brand. They are so creamy and versatile. Thanks for the great service and product.

Emily from Conscious Foodie

It is my pleasure to provide you with a product review on the Chocolate Muesli. You asked me to rate it out of 5 – I would definitely give it a 4/5 and here is why. My favourite way to consume the product was soaked. I used 1 cup of the oats with 1 cup of almond milk overnight and enjoyed the next evening as a dessert after dinner. I loved the ingredients is suited my diet protocol as I don’t like to use a lot of sugar, I love that you used coconut sugar. I thought the Chocolate Muesli was a great dessert option for me, you can soak in milk to make a pudding or sprinkle on greek yoghurt for extra crunch.

Kay Mills

Just received my first order – great customer service and order arrived very promptly

Julie Kelvin Everett

I just love you GFOats I’m so happy I found you my winter breakfast is done. As myself and my daughter are gluten-free and dairy-free and sugar-free food is a bit hard to replace but with your oats, it’s the same taste Again I thank you

Amanda Harpur

I recently won a selection of oats & I am VERY impressed with them! I love the little on the go packs my favourite flavour was the apple one but I’m also really enjoying the chocolate oats too they taste amazing. This would definitely be something I’ll purchase in the future

Rebecca Connolly

Tried the chocolate oats…Just like a chocolate thick shake, only healthy!!! They’re delicious and with the sunflower seeds just the perfect amount of crunch. Such a treat to have a healthy chocolate breakfast. Definitely, my favourite way to start the day.

Jan Howe

I really love them ! and enjoy eating them especially this time of year being Winter… I’m also Coeliac..and thought that I’d never been able to eat oats again when diagnosed… until I found your GF Oats! To my delight, have not had any problems at all, so I am very happy! Thank you

Robyn Abbot

Great customer service, fast delivery and oats are delicious. I also use these oats processed finely in my banana loaf as oat flour. Would highly recommend GF Oats.

Nicole Williams

I was lucky enough to win a pack for Mother’s Day. Best oats I’ve ever had. My new fave the chocolate muesli is amazing. Delicious products.

Julia Jensen

I absolutely LOVED my GF oats. Easy ordering, quick delivery, amazing taste and no negative health effects! With the weather cooling, I can’t wait to enjoy my oats every day.

Emily Read

So happy to have yummy, healthy and safe gluten-free oats! Thanks, guys.

Tammie Pike

I honestly love the chocolate muesli by Gloriously Free Oats, it is so creamy and yummy and I know that is full of goodness for myself and my children. It has been one of our favourite flavours yet. ~ You gave me a sample Jen Shaw’s workshop x

Matina Doxakis

I have Hashimotos so have to eat strictly Gluten-free. I used to love my oats but since being diagnosed, I had to stop…..until I found these. I’m one happy little camper eating my GF Oats every morning again. Thank god I found these as a GF life isn’t nearly as bad now

Emma Mogg

My children (fussy eaters) and I LOVED the chocolate oats. I had to hide some to make cookies from. They were delicious cold, hot and made into cookies.

Sabina Elettran

Fantastic oats. I enjoy them everyday day with no side effects. Highly recommend and will continue purchasing.

Jessica Holmstrom Clark

What’s better than a great feed of oats? Wholesome & a treat as a dessert too.

Catherine Martin

At last something, I CAN eat! this product is just delicious!

Jan McIntyre

I purchased some of GF Oats ANZAC Biscuits in the Pre-launch and OMG!!…. they are the REAL DEAL and of course were polished off much sooner than expected. Love the taste and the texture – “crunchy” is the only way to have ANZACS, not to mention they are the cleanest version so won’t be making my own any time when I can get my hands on these.

Working on Wellness

Thank you, Kylie and Team, for all your efforts to create our favourite ANZAC Biscuit using ingredients that are friendly for those with special diets. I think it’s fabulous that you reached out to Veterans Affairs and got their approval and kept with the spirit of Anzac Day. These biscuits are delicious, I love Anzac Biscuits and now I can enjoy them so much more given they are special diet-friendly. If you haven’t already found them, visit your health food store in Australia, but you’ll need to be quick, they are delicious and will be snapped up.


We love these Anzac bikkies! Thank you for devising them, they are perfect for my son who has a lifelong dairy allergy and a newly-diagnosed wheat allergy. So good for him to have a yummy treat! (And the rest of the family love them too!)

Suellen Heyman

I can vouch that GF Oats Australia are extremely genuine and really passionate about providing a really top-grade wonderful product

Wansima Rapp

Our family loves your oats, sitting enjoying a bowl now. I am so glad you offer such a clean and amazing product so we can still have our oats!

Health Shop Brisbane

Anzac Bikkies! Made using QLD grown banana flour and uncontaminated oats, we expect Gloriously Free’s Anzac biscuits to be a winner! These crunchy bikkies taste so good and are full of healthier ingredient options like coconut oil, brown rice syrup, shredded coconut and high fibre oats and banana flour.

Kat Lynn

I can certainly vouch for many of these products. I loved the spiced range and the chocolate range and more recently the ANZAC Biscuits. A good cuppa and a bikkie that has crunch and just the right amount of sweetness. The GF Oats range gave allowed me to indulge so thank you.

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