Introducing the GF Oats Team

We talk, email and message with so many of our customers and very often we don’t get to see you face to face. So we thought it would be nice to share with you all, who we are and what we do in this busy small business, supplying Gloriously Free Oats all around Australia.

Kylie Martin Hollonds
Kylie Martin Hollonds

Operations Manager/Director - GK Gluten Free Foods


Kylie is the founder of GK Gluten Free Foods and made the initial contact with GFHarvest in Wyoming not long after their product was certified gluten-free in the USA. Kylie is across all the day-to-day operations of the business. She organises the marketing for the company, public relations, and is basically the face of the company, liaising with suppliers and customers sharing the message of GF Oats.



Office Manager


Christine is our Office manager, who has joined the GF Oats Team in July 2019.

It is awesome to have her on board with us. She manages the  sales, orders and enquiries. Supporting Kylie and Garry with day-to-day operations.

So she is your gal if you need any of this help.




Garry McGeorge
Garry McGeorge

Director – GK Gluten Free Foods


Garry manages all the sales, dispatching, logistics and importing. He is your man if you would like to talk to us about stocking our delicious GF Oats.




Cherie Pugno
Cherie Pugno

Dispatch, Inventory and Graphic designer.


Cherie makes sure that we have enough stock to send out from week to week, that orders are dispatched accordingly and tracked. Her talents in graphic design are also well utilised as she is the face behind our print material, website graphics and the cute Óatis (our frog mascot) images you may see on our marketing material, website and social media. Effectively she makes us look good.




Harry is our youngest ambassador. At the age of 19, Harry is competing at the highest level in both Field Hockey and Floorball (Indoor Hockey), competing for both his state (NSW) and Australia. Harry also has an interest in Technical Theatre and has been studying at NIDA to further his career. Nutrition is a vital aspect of this high level of training. However, at the age of 4, Harry was diagnosed with coeliac disease and never had the luxury of eating oats. After finding us Harry now uses GF Oats in both breakfast and as a recovery fuel source from his training. We are grateful to have Harry as our ambassador so he can share his experience with GF Oats through his lifestyle 

 “Being able to work alongside GF Oats allows me to promote and consume a very delicious, diverse food range. For a coeliac keeping the diet so diverse and being able to accept and introduce new products into the Gluten Free community allows for a greater understanding of this disease and keeps food for me more interesting and not as boring.” 

Tammy Oldham


Tammy is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, with over 9 years of experience in the fitness and health industries.  With a particular interest in sports nutrition for optimal performance and weight management, she is passionate about helping people switch to a cleaner and more nutrient-dense way of eating in order to achieve their full potential, in the gym, at work and in everyday life! 

“The opportunity to collaborate with GF Oats Australia as their ‘resident nutritionist’ allows me to promote a product that supports a balanced and nutritious diet (especially for hardworking gym goers) while still maintaining gut integrity and overall health in those with a sensitivity to gluten.” 


Company Mascot

Oatis is our company mascot, assigned this important role in 2016 and fondly named by one of our customers. Oatis represents what is clean, green and uncontaminated about our GF Oats, representing our message of the purity of the Öats you can Trust”.

That is us, folks.

It is our pleasure to serve you and the gluten-free community providing you with the purist uncontaminated oats in the world. “The Oats you can Trust”.